Scotland’s Economy. Working to deliver economic transformation.

This is my reply to “Scotland’s Economy – Working to deliver economic transformation” – by Kate Forbes MSP published on the Scottish Government’s blogs.

The economy of Scotland suffered so badly and 10,000 Scots died with the Covid pandemic because the Scottish Government was tied politically to the misgovernment of the Scottish economy and the pandemic in Scotland by the United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who, in my opinion, is a man unfit for that office and something of “a killer clown”, so to speak.

Scottish leaders have a duty not only to our fellow Scots but to the people in the rest of the UK to be blunt about Johnson’s failings and to call for his removal from office.

The ministers of the Scottish Government chose to ignore good advice from able Scots, such as myself, to pursue different, more effective pandemic control policies – for effective quarantine for all entrants to Scotland, for faster vaccine supply arrangements, etc. – and instead chose to tie Scottish Government policies to the killer clown’s apron strings, calling that embarrassing dependence a “4 nations approach”, with cosmetic policy differences between England, Wales and Northern Ireland, akin to rearranging the deck-chairs on the Titanic.

It seems to be the obvious lesson to draw that if the Scottish Government is ever to have a “National Strategy” – for pandemics, for economic transformation, for anything – that is worthy of the name – then the National Strategy must be distinctly other than “tied to the apron strings of the UK”; it must be independent of the UK in certain critical areas.

A National Strategy for Economic Transformation must aim to win economically significant Scottish Government borrowing powers and the pursuit of that aim must, surely, begin with a critique of the history of the policies which has left the Scottish Government without such borrowing powers.

In my view, this means repudiating as akin to “UK daylight robbery of Scots’ savings” the policy of the UK since 1999 to deny to the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Executive then the Scottish Government proper, economically significant, £ Sterling government borrowing powers.

Holyrood has always been a pocket-money parliament lacking economic powers and that’s a grievance that the National Strategy for Economic Transformation must address in no uncertain terms.

Scots’ savings have been borrowed by the UK Government and through the Bank of England’s monetary policies, borrowed also by the financial institutions of the City of London – for their banksters’ own enrichment and we may assume often debauchery at the expense of the Scots.

Considering the above, it is curious to me that Kate Forbes would seek the advice of Nick Macpherson, the Permanent Secretary to the Treasury from 2005 to 2016 and therefore the top civil servant saying “Yes Minister” to the UK Treasury governing ministers – Blair, Brown, Darling, Cameron and Osborne – the robber-ministers of the Scots from 2005 to 2016.

I assume that Macpherson will not be able to return to the Scottish Government the savings of the Scots which he has embezzled on behalf of his UK Treasury minister bosses – amounting to, over those 11 years, at say the economically reasonable expectation of Scottish government borrowing powers in normal times of 8% of Scottish GDP – about 88% of Scottish GDP – or about £150 billion.

UK net borrowing % of GDP

Graph: UK net borrowing rose to 11% of GDP in 2009/10.

Clearly, if surprisingly Macpherson has come bearing a UK offer of compensation to the Scottish government in respect of its unfairly denied borrowing powers over previous years – let’s say a UK cheque for £150 billion payable to the Scottish Government – then I can see why indeed he would be given a seat at the table of Scottish government economic advisers. Otherwise, if Macpherson offers nothing but his empty-hand after the UK’s crimes of theft of Scots’ savings then why is this villain’s name listed as an adviser, Kate?

Macpherson, for the UK, has robbed Scots but I at least am not blind to that robbery. I can see what the UK Treasury has done with Scots’ savings. I encourage my fellow Scots to view this man’s tainted advice with suspicion.

When Scots’ savings are robbed by the UK then the least that the Scottish Government should expect from its own advisers is not to offer bad advice to agree to be a partner in crime for such a robbery.

The Scottish Government should expect good advice never to agree to a bad deal Fiscal Framework Agreement which denies the Scottish Government its proper borrowing powers, never falsely to characterise a bad deal as a “good deal”, as Anton Muscatelli gave bad advice about the 2016 bad deal Fiscal Framework Agreement, so one wonders why Muscatelli is still being asked for his bad advice?

The correct advice, if a good deal on borrowing powers is not on offer from the UK, is to advise the necessity that the Scottish Parliament must now legislate to establish Scotland’s own currency – and I have advised this course of action often, even being so bold as to suggest the name “the Scottish Pound Bannockburn” – SPB – for our new currency.

Scotland having our own currency would mean that 8% GDP borrowing powers in normal times and much more borrowing than that to deal with an economic crisis such as the Covid pandemic, would be borrowing powers secured and unlimited by the UK.

Aberdeen’s “Energy Transition Zone” is compromised by its association with Sir Ian Wood, whom I have already criticised in my earlier email, appended below. However, I do agree that the transition to “green”, renewable energy, offers the Scottish economy many business and trading opportunities.

I would like to warmly welcome the selection of Roz Foyer, the General Secretary of the Scottish Trades Union Congress. The advice of this advisory council must be agreeable to the representatives of the workers of Scotland of course.

I thank the other persons who have agreed to have their names added to this list of advisors and my main regret is that my name has not been added to that list.

“This is an official invitation to the entrepreneurs and thinkers, the job creators and the hard workers to join our national endeavour by working with us to make Scotland thrive.” – Kate Forbes

Thank you for the invitation Kate Forbes. I would be delighted to join our national endeavour by working with you and the Scottish government.

I should sadly note that I may not be able to do so as fully as I would prefer, for example, while I am held as a political prisoner or otherwise obstructed by the fascist police state acting on the nods and the winks of the SNP.

Yours sincerely etc.


On Wed, 30 Jun 2021 at 21:35, Peter Dow wrote:

I am forwarding the comment I made for publication on the Scottish Government’s blog post – Scotland’s Economy, Making Scotland a world class tech hub, in the sure and certain knowledge that my comment will not be approved for publication.

As you may know, I have offered to serve as a special adviser to Kate Forbes (and made her some other offers too, no doubt). I stand rebuffed but I still have things to say of relevance to any dutiful Finance and Economy Secretary of any Scottish Government.

“Opportunity North East” is a front for Queen’s man Sir Ian Wood who DESTROYED opportunity in the N.E. as Chancellor of RGU, crushing my academic freedom by continuing the policy to exclude me and no doubt other worthy scientists and academics.

Chancellors Wood at RGU and Camilla at Aberdeen Uni are a FASCIST THREAT to Scotland’s world class tech hub aspirations.

The decades of mismanagement of Aberdeen’s universities by their royalist, fascist officials has set back the economy of Scotland and the UK.

Wood and Camilla are agents of the monarchy that has set back our economy and ruined any contribution I might have made if I had been given a fair opportunity and not put out of both of Aberdeen’s universities by their fascist lawyers like a dog.

Students and the public shouldn’t support ANY university staff pay claim or strike

Democracy and freedom are the solutions.

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Queensferry Crossing Animated 3D Computer Model

An animated 3D computer model of the Queensferry Crossing as viewed from a viewpoint which circles around the bridge model.

The initial purpose was to confirm at a glance that the cable data and methodologies used to calculate cable length (which data I need for my electrical cable-heating design) were accurate or at least plausible.

Acknowledgements – Transport Scotland for providing (eventually) PDFs with the geometric data for the cables. Google Sheets to type the data into a spreadsheet. Desmos Graphing Calculator for their regression tool to fit catenary equation curves to the cable data. GeoGebra maths tools to build the 3D model.  OBS Studio to capture the slow motion animation. VideoPad Video Editor for speeding up the animation. YouTube for hosting the video. WordPress for hosting this blog.

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Peaceful assembly is a right that the law should FACILITATE, not criminalise

I’m commenting upon this story in today’s P&J.

Press & Journal: Aberdeen indy march organiser to face criminal trial over accusations safeguards were not sought

Peaceful assembly is a right that the law, the police and the courts should facilitate, not criminalise, nor witch-hunt, nor act as the jealous SNP’s Gestapo.

Apparently, the SNP leadership hates the very idea of someone other than themselves, the SNP leadership, organising a pro-independence event.

Apparently, the SNP leadership have decided to make an example of the All Under One Banner march organisers and the Scottish Government have tasked, by a nod and a wink, the Crown Office to prosecute Gary Kelly.

Why? Simply because the SNP leadership tell lies – they don’t actually support “independence for Scotland or for Scots”.

What the SNP leadership do support is independence for themselves as a Scottish government to dictate to and to enslave Scots, to take Scots as political prisoners whenever they feel hatred towards someone for expressing their own political views, which the SNP leadership can easily do as the devolved government of Scotland, because the Queen lets her ministers do whatever the hell they want to do and that’s why Sturgeon is so happy to welcome the Queen to Scotland or indeed to Holyrood.

So we are seeing another example of the Crown Office acting as the SNP’s Gestapo, which is particularly outrageous in this case considering what a great success the march for independence in Aberdeen in August 2019, which I was at, was, as I reported at this time in my blog.

Peter Dow, August 2019, March for Scottish Independence

There was no problem that I could see with any of the march and so it looks very much like politically motivated and vindictive for the SNP Scottish Government to misuse the Crown Office to try to take as political prisoner the organiser of that march. This is not in the public interest. This is very much against the public interest, in my opinion.

Sturgeon has recently appointed the SNP Deputy Leader, Keith Brown, as Justice Secretary.

Keith “Brownshirt” Brown

All Under One Banner had been prosecuted before now while Humza Yousaf was Justice Secretary and Useless said nothing to help justice –
The National – Independence march organiser jailed for 72 days over Glasgow event
– and it looks like prosecuting Scottish independence march organisers is Brownshirt’s idea of “Justice” too.

Prosecutions are not the direct responsibility of the Justice Secretary but of the Lord Advocate. We know that James Wolffe is stepping down but the Scots urgently need a Lord Advocate with the wisdom to act in the public interest, someone like Aamer Anwar, for example.

However, the Justice Secretary has a duty to speak out and say when a prosecution is manifestly unjust, malicious or politically motivated, as this prosecution certainly is. Yousaf failed in his duty and now Brown is failing in his duty too.

The SNP leadership are increasingly misbehaving in government as Quisling Nazis, loyal to the Queen but disloyal to the people of Scotland who elected them to represent us, not enslave us.

I call on the First Minister to release ALL of her political prisoners, please.

DON’T be a Nazi, First Minister. It doesn’t suit you, or the Scots.

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To all MSPs: Please help free political prisoners in Scotland

Dear MSP,

Congratulations on your election (or re-election).

Perhaps it was easy enough for you to avoid being taken political prisoner on this occasion? All you had to do was to swear or to affirm your allegiance to the Queen.

Had you refused to do so as a matter of political conscience, you could have been arrested as a political prisoner, not today, but after a couple of months of turning up to the Scottish Parliament and refusing to utter those required words.

For others in Scotland, it is not so easy to avoid being taken political prisoner, being held in a police cell or in one of Her Majesty’s Prisons. It’s not easy for those of us with a sense of duty to the truth, to our conscience, to keep quiet when we feel we should speak up or write and publish, perhaps to save the life of someone who is not the Queen but whose life is worth just as much.

I would very much appreciate you doing all you can as an MSP to ensure that the Scottish Government does its duty to make sure that the police, prosecutors and courts do not take any more political prisoners and release those they have already taken as political prisoners.

The Scottish Parliament budgets about £3 billion a year for “public order and safety” but not all of that money is properly spent. Some of that money is misspent on the taking of political prisoners, some of whom are scientists, like me.

It is important for MSPs to speak out against the taking of political prisoners, to say that it is “unjust”.

MSPs cannot credibly duck their collective political responsibility for the actions of the police, prosecutors and courts in Scotland, ruled as part of the United Kingdom of the monarch to whom you have all just expressed your allegiance to, governed by the Scottish Government whose First Minister MSPs elect.

I note that only the other day that Whistleblower Craig Murray Sentenced To 8 Months In Prison Over His Reporting On Former Scottish First Minister’s Trial.

I had little interest in that trial as it seemed to me to be a bit of a Punch and Judy contest played out in the courts between the former and current First Minister, a politically motivated prosecution, but my interest has now been attracted by the court’s expressed intention to take a political prisoner and for a term of imprisonment far longer than anything I have ever had to endure, as I document on my Political Defence Blog.

The contempt of court finding of Craig Murray is all, so the lawyers say, something to do with “Jigsaw Identification” but I put the pieces of the political puzzle together in such a way as to hold to account the First Minister for her misgovernment that is allowing the taking of political prisoners.

Play the “Jigsaw Identification” puzzle!

The jigsaw image to put together is this one.

Some of the text of my email sent this afternoon to all Members of the Scottish Parliament, newly elected in May 2021.

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Wild inaccuracies in the plans for the Queensferry Crossing

As I blog tonight, I fear that there are no accurate plans for the Queensferry Crossing, not held by Transport Scotland anyway, maybe not held by anyone.

I’ve gained that impression because the distance figures in the one “AS BUILT” engineering drawing provided to me by Transport Scotland bear no accurate resemblance to a photograph of the bridge.

Here’s part of the “STAY CABLES ARRANGEMENT” drawing

and taking a closer look at the blue box area I’m drawing attention to, I have annotated what the drawing is claiming the stay distance figures were built as.

I’ve used red ink for the identification numbers of the stay cables and for the North Tower Midline and black ink for the figures which the drawing claims are the distances in mm between them.


So the drawing claims that the distance between the ends of cables 501 and 502 is “4.75 metres shorter (30% shorter)” than the distance between cables 502 and 503, which isn’t how it looks in this photograph, at all!

The photograph distances are in pixels but regardless it is clear enough that that distance between 501 and 502 (120 pixels) is not in the least “shorter” than the distance between 502 and 503 (117 pixels).

So something’s not right and the drawing has many other issues with it, like this lack of alignment between its figures and the features in the drawing.

There is also a typo “162000” instead of “16200” and the length numbers don’t add up in places. The drawing presents as a shoddy effort with no accuracy and no credibility. If this drawing is typical for the other engineering drawings then Transport Scotland have no plan nor clue as to what accurate size the Queensferry Crossing has been built to.

I’ve written to Transport Scotland suggesting that they might want to hire a surveyor to draw up some accurate plans for the Queensferry Crossing because without accurate plans it is not possible to know for sure if something of safety concern ever changes with the bridge that may need urgent remedial action.

Ideally, Transport Scotland would now commission for the Queensferry Crossing the same 3-D laser scanning survey which was done in 2015-16 for the 3D Forth Bridges Project, but before the Queensferry Crossing was constructed.

I don’t think we should wait until the Queensferry Crossing develops the sort of lean that the Leaning Tower of Pisa has, or some other serious problem that everyone – even without an accurate plan – can notice, before they call in the structural engineers to make the bridge safe, do you?

UPDATE 21st May 2021

I’ve received an email reply from a Transport Scotland official and he claims that regardless of the fact that the wildly inaccurate drawing clearly states “STAY DISTANCE”, as I have highlighted with red ink –

– the distances given do not refer to distances between the stay cables at all but refer rather confusingly to the lengths of the individual deck segments which are not drawn. Whatever. 🙄

Transport Scotland have now provided me with detailed stay distance information extracted from other drawings, which was nice. 🙂

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Queensferry Crossing stay cable strands – insulating timetable

Transport Scotland’s recent release to me 😀 of the details of the number of strands in each stay cable of the Queensferry Crossing allows me now to update my “Restranding Timetable” to allow the strands to be electrically insulated so as to carry a heating current for de-icing purposes.

The number of strands in the bridge 21,186    100%
To be replaced with a new longer strand 440 2%
Replace with an old strand from a longer cable 7,764 37%
To be left as now 12,982 61%

Insulating Timetable South Tower Stay Cables

Click for high resolution

Insulating Timetable Centre Tower Stay Cables

Click for high resolution

Insulating Timetable North Tower Stay Cables

Click for high resolution

Note that the south and north towers stay cables would take longer to insulate / re-strand because the bridge designers apparently specified that those towers’ shortest, most vertical, most efficient cables with the easiest work-load should paradoxically use the strongest of the bridge’s stay cables.

Being shorter those cables are better re-stranded last so that they may re-use strands replaced from longer cables.

The centre tower stay cables seem to be designed more as expected from a structural engineering science point of view. I’m curious as to why the discrepancy?

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Bridge Stay Cable Electrical-Heating Strand Calculator

I’ve written this spreadsheet to calculate the specifications for the electrical power supplies to heat the strands of stay cables of the Queensferry Crossing or of other bridges prone to icing with similar cables of an arbitrary number of strands up to 109 strands.
This is a screenshot – click to view a high-resolution image.

Download QFC Electrically-heated Cables. It’s an Excel .xlsx file but it was developed in Google Sheets (for free!). I don’t have Excel on my computer so it has never been tested in Excel. If it doesn’t work on Excel then try uploading it to Google sheets. That should work but any problems let me know

Email: peterdowaberdeen@gm…….

and if necessary I can let you share my Google sheets version with viewer access which I can authorise to any Gmail account and then you can copy it directly into your Google sheets file space.


Select a strands sheet with the closest number of strands to the cable you want to calculate for, choosing between 45, 55, 73, 91 or 109 strands. Best to duplicate the sheet for back-ups.

The strands arrangement is represented by coloured cells where the cell formula calculates that strand’s heating capacity.

To re-arrange and / or change the number of strands, first drag off the strand circles overlay image then add strands by selecting an existing strand cell, Edit Copy (ctrl-C) then select another coloured cell for the new strand and Edit – Paste special – Paste formula only. To remove a strand just delete the formula from its coloured cell.

To use the Strands calculator spreadsheet with data for another bridge, you will have to edit or create a new “Cable Data” sheet with the new data and modify the strands calculator sheets’ (hidden) cell X61 so that it fetches the cable data from the new sheet with the appropriate table range.

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The vaccine roll-out is too slow. Let’s increase vaccine supply with new production facilities.

The governments should greatly accelerate the production and supply of the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine (which seems to be the best of the 2 from the Public Health Scotland supported research into vaccine performance in Scotland) under license by investing in new facilities, including one here in Scotland to make say +250,000 doses/day for Scots initially then for export.

Please support my call for a new 250,000 doses/day vaccine production facility in Scotland – with further doses to be exported after all Scots have been fully vaccinated.

Then, whenever any new variant virus threatens, Scotland will be well prepared to roll out the booster vaccine very quickly and avoid lockdown!

“as supply allows”

I’ve just fired off another email about this.

Call for a new 250,000 doses/day vaccine production facility in Scotland

I write to complain about the poor quality reply from the Scottish Government’s civil servant Charles Willis, Reference: 202100164087, 28 February 2021 … because it suggests that neither Mr Willis nor anyone else in the Scottish government have yet competently considered the content of my email to you all, ….

“as supply allows” writes Mr Willis, as if the Scottish Government can have no agency whatsoever with a view to increasing its own supply of vaccine doses, as if the vaccine is handed down from on high, courtesy of the UK. “Take what you get. Never question how much or why. Just be grateful.”

How pathetic. How disgusting.

Mr Willis may be a helpless civil servant but it is unacceptable to this proud Scot to suffer the Scottish government to be represented in such a pitiful and beggarly fashion.

Who reading my emails can respond intelligently to my suggestion that the Scottish government should plan to increase its supply of vaccines from its present limited supply, seemingly varying from 10,000 to 60,000 but averaging perhaps 20,000 doses/day?

Who reading this can respond to my suggestion that the Scottish government should invest in a new vaccine production facility in Scotland, in partnership with AstraZeneca, that can produce 250,000 doses/day?

The Scottish government have, so far, vaccinated only 1/4 of the population of Scotland and 3/4 of the population are still waiting, still dying of Covid, some of us, because we’ve not been vaccinated yet when we should have been.

Please support my call for a new 250,000 doses/day vaccine production facility in Scotland – with further doses to be exported after all Scots have been fully vaccinated.

With such a newly built vaccine production facility here in Scotland then whenever any new variant virus threatens, Scotland will be well prepared to roll out the booster vaccine very quickly and avoid lockdown!

Scotland needs a faster supply of vaccine doses. The world needs a faster supply of vaccine doses. Scotland can produce a great supply of vaccine doses if the Scottish government gets its act together and stops being content to be a by-stander while others outside Scotland arrange for a very limited supply of vaccine doses for us on Scotland’s behalf.

Do not dare to stand idly by while others supply us with the vaccines we need. Scotland must become a supplier of vaccine doses, for ourselves, to export for others.

Do not dare to think “we can’t”.

We are Scots.

Yes we can!

That’s got them telt! 😎

Valneva Livingston

28th January 2021. GOV.UK Large-scale coronavirus vaccine manufacturing begins in Scotland

“Speciality vaccine company Valneva has started commercial manufacturing of its promising COVID-19 vaccine candidate in Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland. …

If the vaccine proves successful and receives regulatory approval following a rigorous assessment of available data, the Livingston facility will have the capacity to produce up to 250 million doses annually for shipment across the UK and around the world.”

If approved that would be up to 685,000 doses per day supplied from Valneva Livingston. Shared among the UK population equally that would be 56,000 doses per day for Scots.

56k/day is good, it would be a most welcome supplement to the existing limited vaccine supply stream in Scotland but I must ask if that would that be enough to allow for the fastest possible roll-out of a booster vaccine should the need arise?

It should be possible to vaccinate 250,000 Scots per day and to administer one dose to every Scot in about 3 weeks, ready to offer 2nd doses as required.

So my opinion is that the gold standard supply for Scotland would be met by 250,000 doses/day and that’s why I have called for a new 250,000 doses/day vaccine production facility in Scotland, set up in partnership with AstraZeneca and funded by the Scottish Government so that the entire output could be prioritised for Scots if required.

“Vaccine nationalism?” Well maybe but that soon becomes vaccine internationalism after Scots have been vaccinated because all that additional vaccine production can then be dedicated for export.

By the same argument, the gold standard supply for the whole UK would be 3 million doses/day – 3 times more than the 1 million doses/day that the UK Government seems to have satisfied itself with.

This is not the time to rest on our vaccine laurels.

Vaccine Rollout Performance Standards for Scotland & the UK

Scotland: Vaccinations per day

Gold Standard

Scotland – 246,000/day, UK – 3,000,000/day or more

Silver Standard

Scotland – 164,000/day, UK – 2,000,000/day or more

Bronze Standard

Scotland – 82,000/day, UK – 1,000,000/day or more

D Grade

Scotland – 400,000/week, UK – 700,000/day or more


BBC: Covid: Under-30s offered alternative to AstraZeneca jab

Recent developments require me to review the assumption I made in February, that the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine “seems to be the best of the 2 from the Public Health Scotland supported research into vaccine performance in Scotland”.

It is reasonable to take a fresh look at the other candidate vaccines if investing in a new vaccine production facility here in Scotland.

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Epidemiologist says it’s NOT safe for Scottish pupils to go back to school

VIDEO: Sunday, 21st February 2021. BBC Scotland. Sunday Show presented by Martin Geissler. Professor Linda Bauld, from Edinburgh University, a public health expert, says we must maintain the public health measures we’ve been living with. Dr Deepti Gurdasani, an epidemiologist (MPhil University of Cambridge) explains that it is not yet safe for Scottish pupils to go back to school until additional internationally accepted mitigation methods are in place.

I agree with the points made by Dr Deepti Gurdasani, obviously.

The Scottish Government’s so-called “National Clinical Director for Scotland” Jason Leitch is indeed wrong, again and remains out of his depth, as I have explained in an earlier blog post. Children are just as likely to get or pass on the virus – just more often asymptomatically than adults to whom they pass the virus on. Kids can get infected at school and then go home to infect their older family members who then suffer symptoms etc.

Blame the Scottish Government minister John “the Swindler” Swinney – whose complacent remarks to Martin Geissler were not worth repeating here – and blame too his boss Nicola “Killer Krankie” Sturgeon for the Scottish Government’s poorly prepared and premature school re-opening which will cost lives and threaten to resurge the pandemic in Scotland.

Mitigation methods

Mitigation methods suggested by Dr Gurdasani.

  • Mask use for primary school children
  • Ventilation
  • Air filtration / purification devices
  • Carbon dioxide monitors
  • Smaller class and bubble sizes
  • Teachers mustn’t move between bubbles

Mitigation method suggested by Peter Dow

  • Indoor ultra violet lights to help inactivate airborne viruses
  • UV protective wear – sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, hats etc.

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The Queensferry Crossing Accounts – the missing £ millions

Suspiciously, I haven’t found the itemised accounts for all £1.34 billion of the total project cost in Audit Scotland’s Main Report PDF – “Forth Replacement Crossing”.

There appears to be £460 million in unaccounted-for spending!

What has happened to the missing £ millions?
The public do have a right to know!

The Queensferry Crossing Accounts

Email reply received from Transport Scotland, 19th January 2021.

Transport Scotland Queensferry Crossing Yearly Accounts

So many of the missing £ millions are VAT but that still leaves £219 million + VAT on Employer’s Direct Costs. Seems rather a lot of money to pay Transport Scotland civil servants to answer emails. 🙄

Email reply received from Transport Scotland, 15th February 2021.

Transport Scotland Queensferry Crossing Employer Costs

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