SNP Leadership Election

So who is the best person to replace Nicola Sturgeon as SNP leader?

Well I probably am (see my Plan B for Scottish independence) –

Plan B for Scottish Independence – updated

– but I am not even a SNP member so my name won’t be on the ballot so let’s consider those names who will be.


No. There are so many reasons why not that I had to write this blog post. My tweets simply weren’t doing the case against voting for Him’z-a Useless clown justice.

The cruel treachery with which Humza Yousaf repaid Alex Salmond’s welcome

While Yousaf was Sturgeon’s Justice Secretary, Alex Salmond was maliciously prosecuted because Yousaf misgoverned the police who would have forced Mr Salmond into the dock, possibly injuring him, had he not gone voluntarily to clear his name.

It was Yousaf’s job to say, to shout “THIS IS UNJUST”, a travesty of justice, a witch-hunt got up by politically-motivated complaints by those ultra-loyal to Mr Salmond’s successor as First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

But Yousaf said “Good job” to the police officers wasting police resources spending ยฃ850,000 investigating Alex Salmond during the Crown Office’s failed attempt to prosecute him for alleged “sexual offences”.

Yousaf’s attempted political assassination of Mr Salmond was in the tradition of political Islam, followed by Arab absolute monarchs and Pakistani, Iraqi, Syrian, Egyptian etc. military dictators to eliminate the democratic opposition and to attack other countries to take them over, as Pakistan armed the Taliban to take over Afghanistan.

Secret Pakistan – supported the Taliban in Afghanistan

Yousaf was the President of the Glasgow University Muslim Students Association and says he is a “proud Muslim” which begs the question of what is he most proud?

  • The Glasgow Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan?

  • The arming of the Taliban to takeover Afghanistan, denying human rights to Afghan women?

  • The shooting of Malala in the head?

  • the Iranian government putting to death an estimated 4,000 homosexuals since the Islamic revolution of 1979

The crimes against humanity done in the name of Islam are so many that Him’z-a-Useless clown has quite a choice to be most “proud” of.

If Yousaf had any moral courage or decency at all, he would be deeply ashamed of what is done in the name of Islam by the self-discredited Islamic Republic of Pakistan and its military proxies, the Taliban.

Many other Scots suffered unjust outrages while Yousaf was Justice Secretary – I was forced to pay fines after miscarriages of justice where I was fitted up for my republican tweets and my flirty emails, in violation of my human rights of freedom of expression. See my Political Defence Blog for details.

Any Justice Secretary, worthy of the role, anyone who aspires to national leadership would be expected to speak out against injustices such as these but Yousaf never said a word, other than the nods and the winks to the police to keep going after those he wants taken out.

If Yousaf becomes First Minister then I fear the Talibanisation of Scotland, the elimination of Scottish democrats, socialists, feminists, Christians – basically anyone who is seen as a rival to the coronation of King Yousaf in the de facto Islamic State of Scotland. Be very afraid.

Yousaf as Justice Secretary also didn’t enforce the drugs laws, was soft-on-drugs and Scotland has suffered the worst drugs deaths rate in Europe as a consquence and the children of drug users and drug dealers have suffered terribly, like wee Alesha MacPhail, whom Yousaf left in the negligent custody of her dope-dealing dad to be abducted, raped and murdered by one of his stoner customers.

Alesha MacPhail

Yousaf’s time as Health Secretary hasn’t been impressive either. I can’t get an NHS dentist. Many can’t get their operations. Many can’t even get timely accident and emergency care.

Although Jeane Freeman was Health Secretary at the time of the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, Yousaf didn’t distinguish himself by advocating for my policies such as Quarantine for Scotland and other measures to contain the spread of the virus and he as Justice Secretary would have had a key leadership role in policing any quarantine measures so the issue was within the remit of Justice Secretary role but as usual, Yousaf was Useless.

Getting comfortable while settling for devolution and the union on the Scottish Government ministerial gravy-train, Humza “Yoon” Yousaf applauded Derek Mackay for awarding the Ferry Fiasco contract to multi-millionaire (maybe even a billionaire) Jim McColl.

Then in 2016/18, Yousaf as Transport Secretary blows about ยฃ80 million to launch a botched and faked ferry hull which fails inspection.

So politically, Yousaf is a threat to Scotland, to our justice, to our health, to our future as successful independent country. There is no way that anyone should want to vote for Yousaf as SNP leader, in my opinion.


Yes. Kate would be a good choice for SNP leader. I’ve blogged about Kate Forbes already – because I wanted to help her with the economics of Scotland. Here are the links.

Financially brunette Kate Forbes

Scotland’s Economy. Working to deliver economic transformation.

I noticed that Kate is losing some support because she doesn’t think it is appropriate for herself to get married to a woman but she is happy-married to a man and has their first child together.

I think that’s unfair to hold Kate’s sexuality and her faith against her. Kate says that she is a servant of democracy and she will defend the law of equal marriage for gay people and in my opinion, that’s good enough.


Yes Ash would be a good choice for leader but I could not avoid my duty to quibble with something Ash wrote in her manifesto.

I’d love to be appointed as the Permanent Secretary for the Scottish Government for First Minister Ash Regan or First Minister Kate Forbes, if either were elected SNP leader & FM. I believe that I am the very best person for that job.

BUT the UK won’t allow the FM to appoint any very able and principled Scot like me to that role whom the UK couldn’t rely on to sabotage Scottish independence, as does JP Marks, Sturgeon’s PermSecScot.

The UK tells lies that their “Perm Sec Scot serves Scotland”. Of course not! Marks and his predecessors in that role wouldn’t even get their names onto the UK’s shortlist if they weren’t keen and ready to sabotage Scottish independence to save the UK King and his United Kingdom.

Charles is NOT King in Scotland where the “Union of the Crowns” may be unconstitutional.

The UK’s shortlist of their wanna-be Perm-Sec-Scots is a list of spies and saboteurs whom the UK wishes to thrust, like a knife, into the heart of the Scottish Government so Scots should be warned about sipping from the poisoned chalice of a UK shortlist of UK-approved Perm-Sec-Scots.

What First Ministers who really want to insist on being allowed to appoint the very best Permanent Secretary should do is to reject the UK shortlist, announce that the very best Scot available is nominated for the role of Permanent Secretary and the UK civil service is invited to cooperate with the FM’s choice of the best Permanent Secretary, as I, if appointed such, am willing to cooperate with the UK civil service but only in service of the people of Scotland.

Of course FMs Salmond and Sturgeon lacked the backbone to do any such thing. They picked their Permanent Secretaries from the UK shortlists like they were told to by their UK overlords and did not complain because for them, the Bute House seat on the UK gravy train was enough and to hell with the best interests of Scotland.

24th February 2023: Ash Regan launches her SNP leadership campaign

“We must move on from the Growth Commission, as too much has changed” – Ash Regan

Economists declared Andrew Wilson’s Growth Commission Report to be still born and neither the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon nor The National could resuscitate it.

Let’s move on as per my blog post – Scotland’s Economy, working to deliver economic transformation

Nominations have now closed.

Faith, Hope or Calamity

Ash’s 2nd lie & unionists are laughing!

‘I’ll hand independence back to the Yes movement’ โ€“ vows Ash Regan

Not true. Scots should sadly expect that Ash, Kate or Humza, whoever is elected, is going treacherously to meet with that right Charlie #NotMyKing, offer their hand to him and then they will proceed to hand back the independent government of Scotland to the UK’s civil service, KCs, OBEs, BBC, ยฃ etc. A total surrender to the UK and abandonment of any pretence of seeking independence and the photograph of such a surrender will haunt the new SNP leader for the rest of their political career, always used against them when patriotic Scots discuss independence, as this photograph is used against Sturgeon.

If an SNP First Minister is serious about winning independence then they should shun any meeting with that right Charlie #NotMyKing and nominate me as the Permanent Secretary to the Scottish Government. How hard can that be?

Update 2nd March 2023

Vote Ash Regan 1, Kate Forbes 2

2 lovely ladies whom I would be pleased to see leading the SNP and Scottish Government but now I have reason enough to endorse Ash for leader and First Minister and Kate for Deputy First Minister and Finance Secretary.

Richard Murphy – who is English but he has long been a brilliant friend and respected economics adviser for the wider Scottish independence campaign – has published this blog post on 1st March which I recommend reading as I have always taken what Richard says about the economics of an independent Scotland very seriously.

Ash Regan backs a Scottish currency after independence

Update 11th March 2023

Ash Regan ๐Ÿณ๏ธ๐Ÿตsurrenders ๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ณ๓ ฃ๓ ด๓ ฟindependence to that right Charlie #NotMyKing. ๐Ÿคฎ

“King Charles is the Head of State for the UK … As First Minister, I would be required to attend audiences with him and would serve as a member of his Privy Council.” – Ash Regan

So there will be no Scottish independence while Ash Regan is SNP leader, sadly.๐Ÿ˜ข

I’m certain that it is Joanna Cherry KC, King’s Counsel, who has advised Ash to say that.

It’s another lie. Any SNP leader could refuse to meet with that right Charlie #NotMyKing & refuse to be a UK Privy Councillor.

An SNP leader should refuse to meet that right Charlie #NotMyKing because doing so is the most effective tactic to gain leverage to force the UK to concede Scottish independence.

Ash is very badly advised.๐Ÿ™„

Ash’s plan for independence is doomed!

Taking the worst advice from Joanna Cherry KC, King’s Counsel, if elected First Minister, Ash would be the major obstacle to ๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ณ๓ ฃ๓ ด๓ ฟ independence, as were FM’s Sturgeon & Salmond.

But Ash’s policy on a Scottish currency is best of the 3 so that’s why I’d still vote for Ash 1 and Kate 2.

UPDATE 27th March 2023

26,000 SNP Muslims and Muslim-fellow-traveller-idiots just elected a proud Muslim as SNP leader.

Once again, Scottish politics has been failed by the BBC failing to educate the public as to the danger that proud Muslim political leaders like Humza Yousaf and Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar represent to our Scottish freedoms.

This news report illustrates the cruel injustice that proud Muslims get away with when they misgovern a country –

ISIS thugs crucify Christian boy aged 12 after slicing off fingertips in front of his father

The SNP members who voted for a proud Muslim have disrespected all the Christians martyred by Muslims and others for their Christian faith, including Saint Andrew.

Voting for Yousaf disrespected our Patron Saint of Scotland and our National Flag of Scotland, representing the Cross on which Saint Andrew was crucified.

The SNP just shat on our flag

Saint Andrew was crucified on an X-shaped cross

So there can hardly be a more outrageous insult to Scots than to disrespect our Patron Saint and our National Flag, the Saltire, than to elect a proud Muslim to lead the SNP – except perhaps to elect the same proud Muslim as First Minister.

Yousaf as SNP leader and presumably soon as First Minister represents a new danger to Scots – a greater danger than the Union itself – and our priority must be to defeat the looming threat of an Islamic Scotland, the Talibanisation of the police and the courts, the arming by Pakistan of tartan-Taliban terrorists to carry out assassinations and other terrorist acts in Scotland to further the proud-Muslim agenda.

Obviously, there can be no question of voting SNP or Scottish Labour, both with proud-Muslims and friends-of-Pakistan as leaders now, even to keep the hated Tories out. Neither could I recommend to vote Scottish Greens while they are propping up a proud Muslim First Minister and increasingly Islamic Scottish Government.

In all honesty, as bad as the Tories and the United Kingdom for Scots are, Scots would really hate an Islamic Scotland far more.

There aren’t really many good voting options left for Scots at present but I suppose we pro-independence voters might look to voting for Alba? Salmond is bad but at least he is not a proud Muslim, even if that is the only nice thing I can think of to say about Salmond right now.


For as long as but a hundred of us remain alive,
never will we on any conditions
be brought under Muslim rule.
It is in truth not for glory, nor riches nor honours
that we are fighting,
but for freedom – for that alone,
which no honest man gives up but with life itself

28th March 2023

Yousaf’s Islamic Terror Hitlist

As Yousaf consolidates his grip on power by continuing his series of political assassinations, like a slow-motion SNP version of Hitler’s Night of the Long Knives, Scots can only wonder who is next to be arrested or driven out of the SNP?

Yoon Yousaf is failing to win independence by promising to attend the coronation of that right Charlie #NotMyKing, to UNITE with his KING for a UNITED KINGDOM.

Yoon Yousaf enjoys failing to win independence because the salary is good and his Scottish Government locks up every Scot in H.M.P. Scotland.

Update 7th May 2023

Yesterday, 6th May 2023, Humza Yousaf attended the coronation ceremony of King Charles III of England in Westminster Abbey to show his puppet masters that he has UNITED with his KING for a UNITED KINGDOM, betraying the the SNP policy of Scottish Independence.

Charlie-boy is not my King, not Scotland’s King but he clearly is Yoon Yousaf’s King, because Yousaf is a royalist and a unionist and he lied when he claimed to support Scottish independence and a republic.

Bought and sold for English gold – for the First Minister’s salary of ยฃ165K. What a despicable traitor this proud Muslim Humza Yousaf is!

On May 7th, 2023, Yousaf met with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shehbaz Sharif in London, the day after the coronation.

Considering so many British soldiers fought and died in Afghanistan, fighting the Taliban, which was sponsored by Pakistan, it seems to me like a betrayal of our honoured dead for the UK to surrender Afghanistan to Pakistan’s Taliban and then to invite the Pakistani Prime Minister to King Charles III of England’s coronation.


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Joanna Cherry – the Taliban’s useful idiot and King’s Counsel

Scientifically a man can’t become a woman and there is nothing that gender recognition reform legislation can do about that – no more than King Canute could turn back the tide.

But speaking outside the Scottish Parliament on the 21st December, Joanna Cherry SNP MP & KC said

“and last night in the building behind me decent ordinary female citizens of this country were threatened with arrest in the public gallery”

so, you might hope, here comes Joanna to the rescue, right?


It is not just that women are threatened with arrest but that women and feminist men defending women’s rights are threatened that if we dare to resist arrest lawfully then we will suffer traumatic injury to our wrists by police using standard UK-issue rigid handcuffs

– torture instruments approved by every Queen’s & King’s HMG His/Her Majesty’s Government and Scottish Government ever since Tory Prime Minister John Major and Labour First Minister Donald Dewar.

Threatening dutiful citizens with arrest and injury is how the UK has always subjugated the people – but Joanna’s careerist selfishness as a QC & KC meant that for her, what mattered most was the monarchy, the Queen and the King, who came first, while the people and our human rights not to be injured, traumatised, terrorised into silent obedience came last in Joanna’s priorities, at least until the hopeful day she ceases to call herself a “KC”.

“particularly as a woman of the left”

“Left”? Joanna ISN’T a left-wing socialist; she’s a right-wing King’s Counsel, speaking for the King’s interests versus the people’s. Labour women should not be fooled by Joanna’s SNP Tartan Tory lies, no more than Labour Red Tory lies.

“Left” therefore meaning to Joanna kissing the left arse-cheek of the UK monarch, so to speak?

The trouble with Joanna’s and the SNP’s so-called “Plan B” is that it turns out to be another Plan A by surrendering Scotland to misrule by the UK monarchy, its King’s Counsels like Joanna and the BBC’s rigging of politics.

Here’s a link to a real Plan B for Scottish Independence – mine.

Joanna does not as she claims have “a proven record of standing up for equal rights”.

Joanna has a proven record as a Quisling, a traitor to the people – first as a Queen’s Counsel and now as a King’s Counsel standing up for the inequality of monarchy and for the rights, privileges and interests of the monarchs of the House of Windsor – first Elizabeth and now that right Charlie NotMyKing.

“we will win this fight .. why .. the women’s movement has been rejuvenated”

Joanna is complacent in that she has not confronted the dangerous misogynist enemy represented in the Scottish Parliament by Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar whose Imperial Pakistan’s Taliban recently exterminated the Afghan women’s rights.

Secret Pakistan – supported the Taliban in Afghanistan

Pakistan’s diplomats around the world are window-dressing for the ISI / Taliban’s global war on women. Diplomatic relations should be broken off with Pakistan and their embassies and consulates closed. Scots should close the Pakistani consulate in Glasgow.

“whether you are a nationalist or .. a unionist, we all want a better country”

Joanna is dangerously naive.

Although assumed to be “a unionist” Anas Sarwar supports Imperial Pakistan and he thinks that Afghanistan is a “better country” after Pakistan’s proxy Taliban takeover and presumably he also may believe that Scotland would be a “better country” after being Talibanised and women’s rights eliminated?

Beware that we can’t take any of Sarwar’s denials or claims to “support” women at face value. Lying and back-stabbing is par for the course for supporters of Imperial Pakistan.

“and the way to do that is to legislate well after a civilised debate”

Again, Joanna is hopelessly, dangerously naive.

Afghanistan’s people tried peaceful legislation but the Taliban killed Afghan legislators anyway.

Many of the younger Afghan women had gender studies degrees from a liberal university education – for the fat lot of good that did them when the Taliban came for their country.

Women need guns and a militia because nothing less will defend women’s rights.

Sarwar’s Taliban’s war against women must be defeated by military means, like a women’s militia which would replace the UK constitutional monarchy with a constitutional right for women to bear arms in a well-regulated women’s militia (so no trannies allowed ๐Ÿ˜€ )ย  so that never again would women be abducted, raped and murdered by the kingdom’s policemen as happened to Sarah Everard.

But Joanna Cherry as a KC, a King’s Counsel, has set her face, her career and her political reputation against replacing the constitutional monarchy with anything more democratic or more feminist.

UPDATE 9th MAY 2023

Cherry has blocked me on Twitter so I didn’t notice her tweet from last week until it was pointed out to me just now. Obviously I support this petition and would wish it all possible success but I would demand similar visas to be granted to all professional women unable to practice their profession in Afghanistan.

The fact that such visas have not already been granted highlights again how little the UK has done to help Afghan women overall since the West’s humiliating retreat from Afghanistan.

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Common Weal is a mess and needs taken out of the hands of Amanda Burgauer

Replying to ‘Yes movement is a mess and needs taken out of the hands of SNP’

The Herald’s Writer at Large Neil Mackay talks to Common Weal director Amanda Burgauer about the current state of the Yes movement as the pro-indy think tank publishes a new book called Sorted: A Handbook for a Better Scotland (Image: Herald Design)

“the big ideas around currency .. could only happen post-independence”

Findhorn Ecovillage set up their own “Eko” currency and handful of English towns set up their own local ยฃ. Andrew “Cringe-to-the-ยฃ” Wilson is the the front man for the SNP leadership’s economic cluelessness and political cowardice in never daring to set up a new Scottish currency.

The National uses Wilson’s Cringe-to-the-ยฃ on its cover to sabotage a relaunched independence campaign.

The Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government could set up a new Scottish currency NOW! But the SNP-Green ScotGov refuse to set up a new Scottish currency – exactly as SNP-run councils have always refused to set up a local currency. Why?

The SNP leadership’s awareness about economics is as superficial as that of your average bank clerk.

See my finance and economy blog posts as this link

“no membership of Nato. Trident would also go.”

Putin’s useful idiots will love that.

What’s Common Weal’s plan to stop Putin’s Russia doing to Scotland what they are now doing to Ukraine?

(Spoiler – CND surrender monkeys don’t have a plan!)

An independent Scotland should remain at the core of NATO and offer to continue to host the British nuclear deterrent submarines and weapons bases on the Clyde in perpetuity.

Keep Trident

“come offline, she says. โ€œMost of the people whose votes we need arenโ€™t on social media.”

Most are watching BBC or BBC-influenced TV.

But online is the only place to read my call for occupying BBC Pacific Quay and calling out Sturgeon’s police state for stopping occupations.

The only way to stop the BBC’s stream of biased unionist imperial propaganda while censoring the case for Scottish independence is to occupy BBC Pacific Quay, Glasgow and other BBC premises in Scotland.

Sturgeon’s police state would arrest anyone trying to occupy BBC premises in Scotland to crush the independence movement Sturgeon has set her face against, having settled for devolution in 2014.

So that’s why my verdict is that Common Weal is a mess and needs taken out of the hands of its director Amanda Burgauer.

Oh there is a Road Map and a Plan B to win Scottish independence that even Sturgeon can’t stop but you won’t read it in any of Common Weal’s publications.

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Charles is NOT King in Scotland where the “Union of the Crowns” may be unconstitutional.

Today’s meeting in St James’s Palace, London, the deliberations of the UK Privy Council meeting as an Accession Council upon the death of Queen Elizabeth and its proclamation of “King Charles” aren’t definitive as regards the constitutionally independent country of Scotland, never properly unified as just a part of the United Kingdom.

So Charles is not “King of Scotland”, constitutionally speaking but then neither was his mother Elizabeth “Queen of Scotland”, nor did any of the predecessor monarchs at the Court of St James’s Palace enjoy an unchallenged constitutional claim to the throne of Scotland.

The constitution of the Kingdom of Scotland was clearly defined by the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320 which renders as unconstitutional any union of the crowns, including that attempted in 1603.

In bearing the Lion Rampant, historically the Royal Standard of the Kingdom of Scotland,

it was my duty to challenge the legitimacy of Queen Elizabeth in Scotland and to point out to my fellow Scots that we were under no constitutional obligation to welcome Elizabeth to Scotland as the monarch whom the UK chose to foist upon Scots.


As far as I am concerned, as a supporter of Scottish independence who is seeking to establish a Republic of Scotland where Scots can democratically elect our own president as head of state, I didn’t welcome Elizabeth and her family to Scotland

and my lack of welcome applies equally now to her right Charlie of a son and his family.

In my opinion, it is long past time for Scots to flush the medieval institution of monarchy down the toilet of history and we can do that most easily by banning Charlies and the Windsor royal family from Scotland, including banning them from Balmoral, Aberdeenshire.



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The big change to the West’s nuclear policy after the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Nuclear Arsenals of the Big 5

Biden may not intend a change in the West’s nuclear policy but big change is coming.

The rest of the West – the UK, France, Europe, Australia, Canada, (and the eastern members of “the West”) Japan, South Korea, Taiwan etc. – all will see the need for a big change from our naive trust in the US nuclear weapons policy to deter Russia which has been found wanting when Biden failed to escalate to save Ukraine from Russian invasionย because he, or another US president, may fail to escalate after an attack on us.

After all, Joe Biden doesn’t want World War 3 and so better to indulge a little sacrilege by betraying the USA’s “sacred commitment” to NATO Article 5 – “an attack on one, is an attack on all” – right Joe?

The rest of the Western world needs a credibile nuclear deterrent to deter Russia when the US declines to do so.

The West – excluding the US – needs to be able to match Russia nuke for nuke – 100s of ICBMs and 1000s of warheads.

The UK and France standing alone – as Biden has left us – do not have enough of a nuclear arsenal to deter Russia.

The US has the only comparable nuclear arsenal to Russia and when the US President fails to deter Russia – like Biden failed to – the world is at Russia’s mercy.

Non-proliferation is dead

The era of nuclear weapons non-proliferation is dead and Biden killed it by refusing to risk nuclear war to save Europe, specifically Ukraine, from Russian invasion.

3 nuclear weapons blocks of countries

I foresee that there will probably be 3 new blocks of nuclear weapons powers.

1. UK+Australia+Canada

2. France+the European Union

3. Japan+South Korea+Taiwan

Any 2 blocks or all 3 blocks could cooperate for nuclear weapons development, production and deployment.

So yes, many countries which presently do not have nuclear weapons will in future get their own nuclear weapons arsenals – Australia, Canada, the EU, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and there may be others.

This is inevitable following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the rattling of nuclear sabres by Russia and the failure of the USA to escalate in Ukraine by using US forces to have no-fly zones, boots on the ground or otherwise go to war against Russia in Ukraine.

Between them, the nuclear superpower dickheads – Putin and Biden – have closed the era of nuclear weapons non-proliferation. The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT)ย is now not worth the paper it is written on.

The nuclear weapons game is afoot.

UPDATE – Nordic Nukes

With the news that both Sweden and Finland are intent on joining NATO, this opens up the prospect of establishing a new Scandinavian nuclear weapons power block, deploying, say, 4 nuclear weapons submarines, “boomers” to add the equivalent of the nuclear weapons deterrent capability of the UK or France to the western alliance!

4. Sweden + Norway + Denmark + Finland

Nordic Nukes! ๐Ÿ˜€

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CRIMSON TIDE: Labour Party on course for election victory!

Yesterday’s breakthrough poll was no fluke. Today’s YouGov poll confirms the Labour Party’s double-digit poll lead.

The Labour Party is on course to a UK General Election Victory – because Labour are thumping the Tories in England and Wales and don’t need any support from Scottish Labour. So the SNP and the campaign for Scottish independence are not harming the chances of Labour winning in the UK, after all. All Labour ever needed to do was beat the Tories in England and now that’s exactly what Keir Starmer’s Labour Party is doing.

Labour should dare the Tories to call a general election or invite the Queen to do so, if BoJo is running scared of the Crimson Tide as he should be. The men in grey suits will be paying a visit.

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Labour take 10 point poll lead over Tories. THAT’LL DO!

Projection of Westminster General Election results based on a poll published 12 January 2022.
View High Resolution Image

That’ll do

Breakthrough poll suggests a 331-seat general election victory for the Labour Party led by Keir Starmer.

BoJo the killer clown is on the ropes after taking a political pounding for telling lies denying he was partying while the country was under a strict pandemic lockdown.

At Prime Minister’s Questions, Starmer called on Johnson to resign.

On poll results like these, Starmer would be elected as Prime Minister if a General Election was held today.

As the Plusnet guy says, “In Yorkshire, when we say THAT’LL DO it means it’ll more than do.” ๐Ÿ˜€

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Let’s call a spade “a spade”

People can believe all kinds of things and I don’t mind.

What I mind is having my Twitter account unjustly suspended because I have dared to call a spade “a spade” (a t***** “a t*****”) and the woke army has maliciously reported my tweet.

There’s no “hateful conduct” in my tweet whatsoever.

Simply calling a spade “a spade”.

That is not “hateful” it is simply descriptive.

The woke army and their generals spend all their time trying to get competent people, scientists, CANCELLED, banned, excluded – so that the woke army can rule supreme, in parliament, in universities, in the police and courts and of course, in social media like Twitter.

But this woke army are INCOMPETENT KILLERS.

The woke army have killed 140,000+ Britons by misgovernment of the pandemic but for the woke army that’s a price worth paying to get competent people, scientists, cancelled, excluded and banned so that woke can rule.

I am not surrendering to those woke killers. I will fight.

Stand by your tran**

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Homelessness & The Housing Benefit Shambles

What Lorna Slater and the Scottish Greens are not telling us.

A big issue is Council benefits officials suspending claimants’ housing benefit for no good reason, on a whim, on a rumour, suddenly, with no notice, with no chance for the claimant to be heard before they suspend, with extreme difficulty in getting heard after they suspend, with unanswered claimant / customer telephone help lines, with emails that they “endeavour to answer within 28 days, however, this may not always be possible due to the high volume of enquiries received at certain times”.

Unless you are lucky enough to have savings in the bank then you can’t pay your rent while your housing benefit is suspended and that’s the first step on the road to homelessness.

Whether or not a tenant claiming benefits is actually evicted for being unable to meet their rent because of delays in benefits, any inability to pay rent when due will harm relations between tenant and landlord so any delays in benefits will acquire a bad reputation for benefit claimants as tenants.

Certainly that’s a big issue in Aberdeen, with my claim for housing benefit being suspended now and then, even though I’ve been on benefits and living at the same address for years. I always get it sorted out, eventually.

Neither Lorna Slater, nor Patrick Harvie, the Tenants’ Rights minister, nor any other Scottish Government minister has ever done anything to stop Aberdeen City Council suspending benefit in such an uncaring fashion so I assume that carelessness could be repeated by every other council in Scotland too, although I would hope not.


Any “New Deal for Tenants” must improve tenant rights vis-ร -vis the local council’s handling of claims and reviews of claims for housing benefit.

A New Deal for Tenants should insist there are no delays in awarding benefits and no suspension of benefits once awarded.

Suspension of housing benefit should be outlawed. Once a claim has been granted, it should be a crime for the council to withhold a claimant’s due housing benefit on any pretext pending a review of the claim or any change of circumstances.

Unless the council has irrefutable proof that the claimant can no longer possibly be entitled to the housing benefit claimed then the claimant should be given the benefit of any doubt and the housing benefit continue to be paid as normal until all outstanding questions answered, evidence gathered and uncertainties cleared up, one way or another.

Claimants should be fully heard at every stage that their claim is being assessed for the first time or reassessed because of a change of circumstances.

Claimant / customer telephone help lines should be answered immediately or if that is simply impossible (when calling out of office hours) then callers should be invited to record a message on an answering machine leaving their telephone number for a council official to call back in the next working day.

Emails should be replied to within 1 working day.

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Scotland’s Economy. Working to deliver economic transformation.

This is my reply to “Scotland’s Economy – Working to deliver economic transformation” – by Kate Forbes MSP published on the Scottish Government’s blogs.

The economy of Scotland suffered so badly and 10,000 Scots died with the Covid pandemic because the Scottish Government was tied politically to the misgovernment of the Scottish economy and the pandemic in Scotland by the United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who, in my opinion, is a man unfit for that office and something of “a killer clown”, so to speak.

Scottish leaders have a duty not only to our fellow Scots but to the people in the rest of the UK to be blunt about Johnson’s failings and to call for his removal from office.

The ministers of the Scottish Government chose to ignore good advice from able Scots, such as myself, to pursue different, more effective pandemic control policies – for effective quarantine for all entrants to Scotland, for faster vaccine supply arrangements, etc. – and instead chose to tie Scottish Government policies to the killer clown’s apron strings, calling that embarrassing dependence a “4 nations approach”, with cosmetic policy differences between England, Wales and Northern Ireland, akin to rearranging the deck-chairs on the Titanic.

It seems to be the obvious lesson to draw that if the Scottish Government is ever to have a “National Strategy” – for pandemics, for economic transformation, for anything – that is worthy of the name – then the National Strategy must be distinctly other than “tied to the apron strings of the UK”; it must be independent of the UK in certain critical areas.

A National Strategy for Economic Transformation must aim to win economically significant Scottish Government borrowing powers and the pursuit of that aim must, surely, begin with a critique of the history of the policies which has left the Scottish Government without such borrowing powers.

In my view, this means repudiating as akin to “UK daylight robbery of Scots’ savings” the policy of the UK since 1999 to deny to the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Executive then the Scottish Government proper, economically significant, ยฃ Sterling government borrowing powers.

Holyrood has always been a pocket-money parliament lacking economic powers and that’s a grievance that the National Strategy for Economic Transformation must address in no uncertain terms.

Scots’ savings have been borrowed by the UK Government and through the Bank of England’s monetary policies, borrowed also by the financial institutions of the City of London – for their banksters’ own enrichment and we may assume often debauchery at the expense of the Scots.

Considering the above, it is curious to me that Kate Forbes would seek the advice of Nick Macpherson, the Permanent Secretary to the Treasury from 2005 to 2016 and therefore the top civil servant saying “Yes Minister” to the UK Treasury governing ministers – Blair, Brown, Darling, Cameron and Osborne – the robber-ministers of the Scots from 2005 to 2016.

I assume that Macpherson will not be able to return to the Scottish Government the savings of the Scots which he has embezzled on behalf of his UK Treasury minister bosses – amounting to, over those 11 years, at say the economically reasonable expectation of Scottish government borrowing powers in normal times of 8% of Scottish GDP – about 88% of Scottish GDP – or about ยฃ150 billion.

UK net borrowing % of GDP

Graph: UK net borrowing rose to 11% of GDP in 2009/10.

Clearly, if surprisingly Macpherson has come bearing a UK offer of compensation to the Scottish government in respect of its unfairly denied borrowing powers over previous years – let’s say a UK cheque for ยฃ150 billion payable to the Scottish Government – then I can see why indeed he would be given a seat at the table of Scottish government economic advisers. Otherwise, if Macpherson offers nothing but his empty-hand after the UK’s crimes of theft of Scots’ savings then why is this villain’s name listed as an adviser, Kate?

Macpherson, for the UK, has robbed Scots but I at least am not blind to that robbery. I can see what the UK Treasury has done with Scots’ savings. I encourage my fellow Scots to view this man’s tainted advice with suspicion.

When Scots’ savings are robbed by the UK then the least that the Scottish Government should expect from its own advisers is not to offer bad advice to agree to be a partner in crime for such a robbery.

The Scottish Government should expect good advice never to agree to a bad deal Fiscal Framework Agreement which denies the Scottish Government its proper borrowing powers, never falsely to characterise a bad deal as a “good deal”, as Anton Muscatelli gave bad advice about the 2016 bad deal Fiscal Framework Agreement, so one wonders why Muscatelli is still being asked for his bad advice?

The correct advice, if a good deal on borrowing powers is not on offer from the UK, is to advise the necessity that the Scottish Parliament must now legislate to establish Scotland’s own currency – and I have advised this course of action often, even being so bold as to suggest the name “the Scottish Pound Bannockburn” – SPB – for our new currency.

Scotland having our own currency would mean that 8% GDP borrowing powers in normal times and much more borrowing than that to deal with an economic crisis such as the Covid pandemic, would be borrowing powers secured and unlimited by the UK.

Aberdeen’s “Energy Transition Zone” is compromised by its association with Sir Ian Wood, whom I have already criticised in my earlier email, appended below. However, I do agree that the transition to “green”, renewable energy, offers the Scottish economy many business and trading opportunities.

I would like to warmly welcome the selection of Roz Foyer, the General Secretary of the Scottish Trades Union Congress. The advice of this advisory council must be agreeable to the representatives of the workers of Scotland of course.

I thank the other persons who have agreed to have their names added to this list of advisors and my main regret is that my name has not been added to that list.

“This is an official invitation to the entrepreneurs and thinkers, the job creators and the hard workers to join our national endeavour by working with us to make Scotland thrive.” – Kate Forbes

Thank you for the invitation Kate Forbes. I would be delighted to join our national endeavour by working with you and the Scottish government.

I should sadly note that I may not be able to do so as fully as I would prefer, for example, while I am held as a political prisoner or otherwise obstructed by the fascist police state acting on the nods and the winks of the SNP.

Yours sincerely etc.


On Wed, 30 Jun 2021 at 21:35, Peter Dow wrote:

I am forwarding the comment I made for publication on the Scottish Government’s blog post – Scotland’s Economy, Making Scotland a world class tech hub, in the sure and certain knowledge that my comment will not be approved for publication.

As you may know, I have offered to serve as a special adviser to Kate Forbes (and made her some other offers too, no doubt). I stand rebuffed but I still have things to say of relevance to any dutiful Finance and Economy Secretary of any Scottish Government.

“Opportunity North East” is a front for Queen’s man Sir Ian Wood who DESTROYED opportunity in the N.E. as Chancellor of RGU, crushing my academic freedom by continuing the policy to exclude me and no doubt other worthy scientists and academics.

Chancellors Wood at RGU and Camilla at Aberdeen Uni are a FASCIST THREAT to Scotland’s world class tech hub aspirations.

The decades of mismanagement of Aberdeen’s universities by their royalist, fascist officials has set back the economy of Scotland and the UK.

Wood and Camilla are agents of the monarchy that has set back our economy and ruined any contribution I might have made if I had been given a fair opportunity and not put out of both of Aberdeen’s universities by their fascist lawyers like a dog.

Students and the public shouldn’t support ANY university staff pay claim or strike

Democracy and freedom are the solutions.

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