Three more British soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Of course the deaths of our soldiers is very sad but it is also an outrage that these deaths and many deaths before these were not prevented by better leadership of our military.

A reporter on BBC news reported that American troops when meeting Afghans have force protection standing guard, with their weapons cocked and ready at all times.

Guards with weapons cocked and ready are correct for British soliders meeting Afghans as well but this is not being ordered by UK government, PM Cameron, Defence Ministers Hammond and Harvey, Chief of the Defence Staff or it seems by anyone in command.

Instead our soldiers are expected to trust all armed Afghan police and army until such time as they open fire on us!

This is yet another case of incompetence by the General staff and politicians leaving our brave soldiers badly led and vulnerable to surprise attacks.

Lions led by donkeys.

We Britons need a modern British army which is led by republicans with intelligence, not royalists who are stupid and clueless and getting our soldiers killed.

We need root and branch change of the control of the military which only replacing the united kingdom with republics can achieve.

Therefore the military must lead a republican revolution by ousting the royal family from the country. Exile the Queen and her family. Arrest the Queen. Put her on trial for her life.

It’s not right leaving the kingdom running our armed forces and getting our soldiers killed.

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