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Persecuted scientist Peter Dow at the British Science Festival, Aberdeen

I made an appearance around the “ENERGISING MINDS” British Science Festival, 2012, Aberdeen with my “persecuted scientist” board, seen here.


The expanded polystyrene, which had been packing from a LCD monitor box, made a light stiff board to stick my paper on. The message was just hand-written but it seemed to do the job OK.

The board message just says –




I couldn’t attend any of the British Science Festival events not being welcome on the university premises by the local powers-that-be but I was able to display my board on the public street around the University of Aberdeen, Old Aberdeen campus.

So it was very nice to speak to a few of my fellow scientists in person after being excluded from university all these years and left to rot in isolation without a second thought like the authorities were putting out the garbage or a stray dog.

I also invite people to register a username with my For Freedom Forums.

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