The Qunt’s Referendum Shite in Scotland forum

Previewing the forum description of The Qunt’s Referendum Shite in Scotland forum 

Should Scotland be an independent country? Discuss the royalist SNP’s referendum, planned for September 18, 2014.

Salmond’s shite white paper of 2009 dictated that however Scots vote in this referendum, YES or NO, the abusive misrule of the judges and ministers of the Cunt Queen Elizabeth (the Qunt) is to carry on regardless.

The Queen’s YES-Scotland and Better-Together contemptible media campaigns both seek support for independent Queen’s kingdoms (Scotland or the UK) but with dependent, subjugated peoples.

Discuss how we can secure real national independence by establishing republics and electing presidents to replace the monarchy.

Click here to visit The Qunt’s Referendum Shite in Scotland forum 


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