Financially brunette Kate Forbes

Not Legally Blonde, but Financially Brunette Kate Forbes MSP was catapulted into the national spotlight when presenting the Scottish Government’s draft budget today, whose budget content we must presume was Derek Mackay’s (who has just resigned as Finance and Economy Secretary) and therefore as unimpressive as any SNP budget constrained in borrowing powers by the bad £ fiscal framework deal that Mackay, Swinney and Sturgeon had surrendered to – but whose presentation style was impressively her own.

I am offering to help Forbes, whether as her new special adviser or otherwise, to demand and to deliver the scale of Scottish Government borrowing powers (capped at no less than 8% of Scottish GDP, about £14 billion per year, interest-free and with no repayments) that would allow for budgeting for strong growth and prosperity. If the UK refuses to concede any such proper borrowing powers to Holyrood then full borrowing powers can be secured by establishing a new Scottish currency.

With or without my help, we’ll soon see if Forbes has more substance for economic leadership than the insubstantial Mackay.

Forbes has now been tipped as the favourite for the next First Minister of Scotland, to succeed Sturgeon, whenever it is that Sturgeon decides to step down, or possibly steps up if she is crowned Queen Nicola of Scots or is elected as Scottish President of a Republic of Scotland, if and when the SNP decide to oust the Queen from Scotland.

Excuse me if I indulge my radical feminist fantasies but it occurs to me that Kate Forbes would be great serving in my fantasy Women’s Militia too.

“A well regulated Women’s Militia, being necessary to the security of Women’s Rule, the right of Women to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Scottish politics just got a little bit more interesting, especially for a single gentleman with an eye for the ladies like me.

Update, 12th March 2020

KATE FORBES – Lipstick on a pig

Yesterday’s UK budget continues the Tories’ economic warfare against Scots, as expected, but Kate Forbes’s meek response to that budget dashed all hopes of any political economics leadership from her, proving that Forbes is incapable of being anything other than a puppet for the UK civil service and she will continue Sturgeon’s, Swinney’s and Mackay’s  SNP craven surrender of Scottish government borrowing powers to the UK.

Forbes has ignored my advice and so I am afraid that her political honeymoon is over as far as I am concerned and she must answer for her terrible policy decisions which are –

  • Forbes has refused to demand proper £ borrowing powers for the Scottish government – about £14 billion/year, interest-free and no repayments.
  • Forbes has refused to repudiate the bad deal fiscal framework agreement negotiated by Swinney in 2016 and signed up to by Sturgeon.
  • Forbes has refused to commit to establishing a new Scottish currency now, throwing away an important economic lever.

Forbes is as bad as Derek Mackay in a skirt, from an economic failure point of view. Sturgeon’s government will remain puppets of the UK civil service, serving the UK, betraying the Scots.

If Scots are ever to stop being robbed blind by the UK it won’t be Forbes doing.



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