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CRIMSON TIDE: Labour Party on course for election victory!

Yesterday’s breakthrough poll was no fluke. Today’s YouGov poll confirms the Labour Party’s double-digit poll lead.

The Labour Party is on course to a UK General Election Victory – because Labour are thumping the Tories in England and Wales and don’t need any support from Scottish Labour. So the SNP and the campaign for Scottish independence are not harming the chances of Labour winning in the UK, after all. All Labour ever needed to do was beat the Tories in England and now that’s exactly what Keir Starmer’s Labour Party is doing.

Labour should dare the Tories to call a general election or invite the Queen to do so, if BoJo is running scared of the Crimson Tide as he should be. The men in grey suits will be paying a visit.


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Labour take 10 point poll lead over Tories. THAT’LL DO!

Projection of Westminster General Election results based on a poll published 12 January 2022.
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That’ll do

Breakthrough poll suggests a 331-seat general election victory for the Labour Party led by Keir Starmer.

BoJo the killer clown is on the ropes after taking a political pounding for telling lies denying he was partying while the country was under a strict pandemic lockdown.

At Prime Minister’s Questions, Starmer called on Johnson to resign.

On poll results like these, Starmer would be elected as Prime Minister if a General Election was held today.

As the Plusnet guy says, “In Yorkshire, when we say THAT’LL DO it means it’ll more than do.” 😀

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