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Joanna Cherry – the Taliban’s useful idiot and King’s Counsel

Scientifically a man can’t become a woman and there is nothing that gender recognition reform legislation can do about that – no more than King Canute could turn back the tide.

But speaking outside the Scottish Parliament on the 21st December, Joanna Cherry SNP MP & KC said

“and last night in the building behind me decent ordinary female citizens of this country were threatened with arrest in the public gallery”

so, you might hope, here comes Joanna to the rescue, right?


It is not just that women are threatened with arrest but that women and feminist men defending women’s rights are threatened that if we dare to resist arrest lawfully then we will suffer traumatic injury to our wrists by police using standard UK-issue rigid handcuffs

– torture instruments approved by every Queen’s & King’s HMG His/Her Majesty’s Government and Scottish Government ever since Tory Prime Minister John Major and Labour First Minister Donald Dewar.

Threatening dutiful citizens with arrest and injury is how the UK has always subjugated the people – but Joanna’s careerist selfishness as a QC & KC meant that for her, what mattered most was the monarchy, the Queen and the King, who came first, while the people and our human rights not to be injured, traumatised, terrorised into silent obedience came last in Joanna’s priorities, at least until the hopeful day she ceases to call herself a “KC”.

“particularly as a woman of the left”

“Left”? Joanna ISN’T a left-wing socialist; she’s a right-wing King’s Counsel, speaking for the King’s interests versus the people’s. Labour women should not be fooled by Joanna’s SNP Tartan Tory lies, no more than Labour Red Tory lies.

“Left” therefore meaning to Joanna kissing the left arse-cheek of the UK monarch, so to speak?

The trouble with Joanna’s and the SNP’s so-called “Plan B” is that it turns out to be another Plan A by surrendering Scotland to misrule by the UK monarchy, its King’s Counsels like Joanna and the BBC’s rigging of politics.

Here’s a link to a real Plan B for Scottish Independence – mine.

Joanna does not as she claims have “a proven record of standing up for equal rights”.

Joanna has a proven record as a Quisling, a traitor to the people – first as a Queen’s Counsel and now as a King’s Counsel standing up for the inequality of monarchy and for the rights, privileges and interests of the monarchs of the House of Windsor – first Elizabeth and now that right Charlie NotMyKing.

“we will win this fight .. why .. the women’s movement has been rejuvenated”

Joanna is complacent in that she has not confronted the dangerous misogynist enemy represented in the Scottish Parliament by Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar whose Imperial Pakistan’s Taliban recently exterminated the Afghan women’s rights.

Secret Pakistan – supported the Taliban in Afghanistan

Pakistan’s diplomats around the world are window-dressing for the ISI / Taliban’s global war on women. Diplomatic relations should be broken off with Pakistan and their embassies and consulates closed. Scots should close the Pakistani consulate in Glasgow.

“whether you are a nationalist or .. a unionist, we all want a better country”

Joanna is dangerously naive.

Although assumed to be “a unionist” Anas Sarwar supports Imperial Pakistan and he thinks that Afghanistan is a “better country” after Pakistan’s proxy Taliban takeover and presumably he also may believe that Scotland would be a “better country” after being Talibanised and women’s rights eliminated?

Beware that we can’t take any of Sarwar’s denials or claims to “support” women at face value. Lying and back-stabbing is par for the course for supporters of Imperial Pakistan.

“and the way to do that is to legislate well after a civilised debate”

Again, Joanna is hopelessly, dangerously naive.

Afghanistan’s people tried peaceful legislation but the Taliban killed Afghan legislators anyway.

Many of the younger Afghan women had gender studies degrees from a liberal university education – for the fat lot of good that did them when the Taliban came for their country.

Women need guns and a militia because nothing less will defend women’s rights.

Sarwar’s Taliban’s war against women must be defeated by military means, like a women’s militia which would replace the UK constitutional monarchy with a constitutional right for women to bear arms in a well-regulated women’s militia (so no trannies allowed 😀 )  so that never again would women be abducted, raped and murdered by the kingdom’s policemen as happened to Sarah Everard.

But Joanna Cherry as a KC, a King’s Counsel, has set her face, her career and her political reputation against replacing the constitutional monarchy with anything more democratic or more feminist.

UPDATE 9th MAY 2023

Cherry has blocked me on Twitter so I didn’t notice her tweet from last week until it was pointed out to me just now. Obviously I support this petition and would wish it all possible success but I would demand similar visas to be granted to all professional women unable to practice their profession in Afghanistan.

The fact that such visas have not already been granted highlights again how little the UK has done to help Afghan women overall since the West’s humiliating retreat from Afghanistan.


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Common Weal is a mess and needs taken out of the hands of Amanda Burgauer

Replying to ‘Yes movement is a mess and needs taken out of the hands of SNP’

The Herald’s Writer at Large Neil Mackay talks to Common Weal director Amanda Burgauer about the current state of the Yes movement as the pro-indy think tank publishes a new book called Sorted: A Handbook for a Better Scotland (Image: Herald Design)

“the big ideas around currency .. could only happen post-independence”

Findhorn Ecovillage set up their own “Eko” currency and handful of English towns set up their own local £. Andrew “Cringe-to-the-£” Wilson is the the front man for the SNP leadership’s economic cluelessness and political cowardice in never daring to set up a new Scottish currency.

The National uses Wilson’s Cringe-to-the-£ on its cover to sabotage a relaunched independence campaign.

The Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government could set up a new Scottish currency NOW! But the SNP-Green ScotGov refuse to set up a new Scottish currency – exactly as SNP-run councils have always refused to set up a local currency. Why?

The SNP leadership’s awareness about economics is as superficial as that of your average bank clerk.

See my finance and economy blog posts as this link

“no membership of Nato. Trident would also go.”

Putin’s useful idiots will love that.

What’s Common Weal’s plan to stop Putin’s Russia doing to Scotland what they are now doing to Ukraine?

(Spoiler – CND surrender monkeys don’t have a plan!)

An independent Scotland should remain at the core of NATO and offer to continue to host the British nuclear deterrent submarines and weapons bases on the Clyde in perpetuity.

Keep Trident

“come offline, she says. “Most of the people whose votes we need aren’t on social media.”

Most are watching BBC or BBC-influenced TV.

But online is the only place to read my call for occupying BBC Pacific Quay and calling out Sturgeon’s police state for stopping occupations.

The only way to stop the BBC’s stream of biased unionist imperial propaganda while censoring the case for Scottish independence is to occupy BBC Pacific Quay, Glasgow and other BBC premises in Scotland.

Sturgeon’s police state would arrest anyone trying to occupy BBC premises in Scotland to crush the independence movement Sturgeon has set her face against, having settled for devolution in 2014.

So that’s why my verdict is that Common Weal is a mess and needs taken out of the hands of its director Amanda Burgauer.

Oh there is a Road Map and a Plan B to win Scottish independence that even Sturgeon can’t stop but you won’t read it in any of Common Weal’s publications.

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