Common Weal is a mess and needs taken out of the hands of Amanda Burgauer

Replying to ‘Yes movement is a mess and needs taken out of the hands of SNP’

The Herald’s Writer at Large Neil Mackay talks to Common Weal director Amanda Burgauer about the current state of the Yes movement as the pro-indy think tank publishes a new book called Sorted: A Handbook for a Better Scotland (Image: Herald Design)

“the big ideas around currency .. could only happen post-independence”

Findhorn Ecovillage set up their own “Eko” currency and handful of English towns set up their own local £. Andrew “Cringe-to-the-£” Wilson is the the front man for the SNP leadership’s economic cluelessness and political cowardice in never daring to set up a new Scottish currency.

The National uses Wilson’s Cringe-to-the-£ on its cover to sabotage a relaunched independence campaign.

The Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government could set up a new Scottish currency NOW! But the SNP-Green ScotGov refuse to set up a new Scottish currency – exactly as SNP-run councils have always refused to set up a local currency. Why?

The SNP leadership’s awareness about economics is as superficial as that of your average bank clerk.

See my finance and economy blog posts as this link

“no membership of Nato. Trident would also go.”

Putin’s useful idiots will love that.

What’s Common Weal’s plan to stop Putin’s Russia doing to Scotland what they are now doing to Ukraine?

(Spoiler – CND surrender monkeys don’t have a plan!)

An independent Scotland should remain at the core of NATO and offer to continue to host the British nuclear deterrent submarines and weapons bases on the Clyde in perpetuity.

Keep Trident

“come offline, she says. “Most of the people whose votes we need aren’t on social media.”

Most are watching BBC or BBC-influenced TV.

But online is the only place to read my call for occupying BBC Pacific Quay and calling out Sturgeon’s police state for stopping occupations.

The only way to stop the BBC’s stream of biased unionist imperial propaganda while censoring the case for Scottish independence is to occupy BBC Pacific Quay, Glasgow and other BBC premises in Scotland.

Sturgeon’s police state would arrest anyone trying to occupy BBC premises in Scotland to crush the independence movement Sturgeon has set her face against, having settled for devolution in 2014.

So that’s why my verdict is that Common Weal is a mess and needs taken out of the hands of its director Amanda Burgauer.

Oh there is a Road Map and a Plan B to win Scottish independence that even Sturgeon can’t stop but you won’t read it in any of Common Weal’s publications.


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