SNP Leadership Election

So who is the best person to replace Nicola Sturgeon as SNP leader?

Well I probably am (see my Plan B for Scottish independence) –

Plan B for Scottish Independence – updated

– but I am not even a SNP member so my name won’t be on the ballot so let’s consider those names who will be.


No. There are so many reasons why not that I had to write this blog post. My tweets simply weren’t doing the case against voting for Him’z-a Useless clown justice.

The cruel treachery with which Humza Yousaf repaid Alex Salmond’s welcome

While Yousaf was Sturgeon’s Justice Secretary, Alex Salmond was maliciously prosecuted because Yousaf misgoverned the police who would have forced Mr Salmond into the dock, possibly injuring him, had he not gone voluntarily to clear his name.

It was Yousaf’s job to say, to shout “THIS IS UNJUST”, a travesty of justice, a witch-hunt got up by politically-motivated complaints by those ultra-loyal to Mr Salmond’s successor as First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

But Yousaf said “Good job” to the police officers wasting police resources spending £850,000 investigating Alex Salmond during the Crown Office’s failed attempt to prosecute him for alleged “sexual offences”.

Yousaf’s attempted political assassination of Mr Salmond was in the tradition of political Islam, followed by Arab absolute monarchs and Pakistani, Iraqi, Syrian, Egyptian etc. military dictators to eliminate the democratic opposition and to attack other countries to take them over, as Pakistan armed the Taliban to take over Afghanistan.

Secret Pakistan – supported the Taliban in Afghanistan

Yousaf was the President of the Glasgow University Muslim Students Association and says he is a “proud Muslim” which begs the question of what is he most proud?

  • The Glasgow Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan?

  • The arming of the Taliban to takeover Afghanistan, denying human rights to Afghan women?

  • The shooting of Malala in the head?

  • the Iranian government putting to death an estimated 4,000 homosexuals since the Islamic revolution of 1979

The crimes against humanity done in the name of Islam are so many that Him’z-a-Useless clown has quite a choice to be most “proud” of.

If Yousaf had any moral courage or decency at all, he would be deeply ashamed of what is done in the name of Islam by the self-discredited Islamic Republic of Pakistan and its military proxies, the Taliban.

Many other Scots suffered unjust outrages while Yousaf was Justice Secretary – I was forced to pay fines after miscarriages of justice where I was fitted up for my republican tweets and my flirty emails, in violation of my human rights of freedom of expression. See my Political Defence Blog for details.

Any Justice Secretary, worthy of the role, anyone who aspires to national leadership would be expected to speak out against injustices such as these but Yousaf never said a word, other than the nods and the winks to the police to keep going after those he wants taken out.

If Yousaf becomes First Minister then I fear the Talibanisation of Scotland, the elimination of Scottish democrats, socialists, feminists, Christians – basically anyone who is seen as a rival to the coronation of King Yousaf in the de facto Islamic State of Scotland. Be very afraid.

Yousaf as Justice Secretary also didn’t enforce the drugs laws, was soft-on-drugs and Scotland has suffered the worst drugs deaths rate in Europe as a consquence and the children of drug users and drug dealers have suffered terribly, like wee Alesha MacPhail, whom Yousaf left in the negligent custody of her dope-dealing dad to be abducted, raped and murdered by one of his stoner customers.

Alesha MacPhail

Yousaf’s time as Health Secretary hasn’t been impressive either. I can’t get an NHS dentist. Many can’t get their operations. Many can’t even get timely accident and emergency care.

Although Jeane Freeman was Health Secretary at the time of the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, Yousaf didn’t distinguish himself by advocating for my policies such as Quarantine for Scotland and other measures to contain the spread of the virus and he as Justice Secretary would have had a key leadership role in policing any quarantine measures so the issue was within the remit of Justice Secretary role but as usual, Yousaf was Useless.

Getting comfortable while settling for devolution and the union on the Scottish Government ministerial gravy-train, Humza “Yoon” Yousaf applauded Derek Mackay for awarding the Ferry Fiasco contract to multi-millionaire (maybe even a billionaire) Jim McColl.

Then in 2016/18, Yousaf as Transport Secretary blows about £80 million to launch a botched and faked ferry hull which fails inspection.

So politically, Yousaf is a threat to Scotland, to our justice, to our health, to our future as successful independent country. There is no way that anyone should want to vote for Yousaf as SNP leader, in my opinion.


Yes. Kate would be a good choice for SNP leader. I’ve blogged about Kate Forbes already – because I wanted to help her with the economics of Scotland. Here are the links.

Financially brunette Kate Forbes

Scotland’s Economy. Working to deliver economic transformation.

I noticed that Kate is losing some support because she doesn’t think it is appropriate for herself to get married to a woman but she is happy-married to a man and has their first child together.

I think that’s unfair to hold Kate’s sexuality and her faith against her. Kate says that she is a servant of democracy and she will defend the law of equal marriage for gay people and in my opinion, that’s good enough.


Yes Ash would be a good choice for leader but I could not avoid my duty to quibble with something Ash wrote in her manifesto.

I’d love to be appointed as the Permanent Secretary for the Scottish Government for First Minister Ash Regan or First Minister Kate Forbes, if either were elected SNP leader & FM. I believe that I am the very best person for that job.

BUT the UK won’t allow the FM to appoint any very able and principled Scot like me to that role whom the UK couldn’t rely on to sabotage Scottish independence, as does JP Marks, Sturgeon’s PermSecScot.

The UK tells lies that their “Perm Sec Scot serves Scotland”. Of course not! Marks and his predecessors in that role wouldn’t even get their names onto the UK’s shortlist if they weren’t keen and ready to sabotage Scottish independence to save the UK King and his United Kingdom.

Charles is NOT King in Scotland where the “Union of the Crowns” may be unconstitutional.

The UK’s shortlist of their wanna-be Perm-Sec-Scots is a list of spies and saboteurs whom the UK wishes to thrust, like a knife, into the heart of the Scottish Government so Scots should be warned about sipping from the poisoned chalice of a UK shortlist of UK-approved Perm-Sec-Scots.

What First Ministers who really want to insist on being allowed to appoint the very best Permanent Secretary should do is to reject the UK shortlist, announce that the very best Scot available is nominated for the role of Permanent Secretary and the UK civil service is invited to cooperate with the FM’s choice of the best Permanent Secretary, as I, if appointed such, am willing to cooperate with the UK civil service but only in service of the people of Scotland.

Of course FMs Salmond and Sturgeon lacked the backbone to do any such thing. They picked their Permanent Secretaries from the UK shortlists like they were told to by their UK overlords and did not complain because for them, the Bute House seat on the UK gravy train was enough and to hell with the best interests of Scotland.

24th February 2023: Ash Regan launches her SNP leadership campaign

“We must move on from the Growth Commission, as too much has changed” – Ash Regan

Economists declared Andrew Wilson’s Growth Commission Report to be still born and neither the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon nor The National could resuscitate it.

Let’s move on as per my blog post – Scotland’s Economy, working to deliver economic transformation

Nominations have now closed.

Faith, Hope or Calamity

Ash’s 2nd lie & unionists are laughing!

‘I’ll hand independence back to the Yes movement’ – vows Ash Regan

Not true. Scots should sadly expect that Ash, Kate or Humza, whoever is elected, is going treacherously to meet with that right Charlie #NotMyKing, offer their hand to him and then they will proceed to hand back the independent government of Scotland to the UK’s civil service, KCs, OBEs, BBC, £ etc. A total surrender to the UK and abandonment of any pretence of seeking independence and the photograph of such a surrender will haunt the new SNP leader for the rest of their political career, always used against them when patriotic Scots discuss independence, as this photograph is used against Sturgeon.

If an SNP First Minister is serious about winning independence then they should shun any meeting with that right Charlie #NotMyKing and nominate me as the Permanent Secretary to the Scottish Government. How hard can that be?

Update 2nd March 2023

Vote Ash Regan 1, Kate Forbes 2

2 lovely ladies whom I would be pleased to see leading the SNP and Scottish Government but now I have reason enough to endorse Ash for leader and First Minister and Kate for Deputy First Minister and Finance Secretary.

Richard Murphy – who is English but he has long been a brilliant friend and respected economics adviser for the wider Scottish independence campaign – has published this blog post on 1st March which I recommend reading as I have always taken what Richard says about the economics of an independent Scotland very seriously.

Ash Regan backs a Scottish currency after independence

Update 11th March 2023

Ash Regan 🏳️🐵surrenders 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿independence to that right Charlie #NotMyKing. 🤮

“King Charles is the Head of State for the UK … As First Minister, I would be required to attend audiences with him and would serve as a member of his Privy Council.” – Ash Regan

So there will be no Scottish independence while Ash Regan is SNP leader, sadly.😢

I’m certain that it is Joanna Cherry KC, King’s Counsel, who has advised Ash to say that.

It’s another lie. Any SNP leader could refuse to meet with that right Charlie #NotMyKing & refuse to be a UK Privy Councillor.

An SNP leader should refuse to meet that right Charlie #NotMyKing because doing so is the most effective tactic to gain leverage to force the UK to concede Scottish independence.

Ash is very badly advised.🙄

Ash’s plan for independence is doomed!

Taking the worst advice from Joanna Cherry KC, King’s Counsel, if elected First Minister, Ash would be the major obstacle to 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 independence, as were FM’s Sturgeon & Salmond.

But Ash’s policy on a Scottish currency is best of the 3 so that’s why I’d still vote for Ash 1 and Kate 2.

UPDATE 27th March 2023

26,000 SNP Muslims and Muslim-fellow-traveller-idiots just elected a proud Muslim as SNP leader.

Once again, Scottish politics has been failed by the BBC failing to educate the public as to the danger that proud Muslim political leaders like Humza Yousaf and Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar represent to our Scottish freedoms.

This news report illustrates the cruel injustice that proud Muslims get away with when they misgovern a country –

ISIS thugs crucify Christian boy aged 12 after slicing off fingertips in front of his father

The SNP members who voted for a proud Muslim have disrespected all the Christians martyred by Muslims and others for their Christian faith, including Saint Andrew.

Voting for Yousaf disrespected our Patron Saint of Scotland and our National Flag of Scotland, representing the Cross on which Saint Andrew was crucified.

The SNP just shat on our flag

Saint Andrew was crucified on an X-shaped cross

So there can hardly be a more outrageous insult to Scots than to disrespect our Patron Saint and our National Flag, the Saltire, than to elect a proud Muslim to lead the SNP – except perhaps to elect the same proud Muslim as First Minister.

Yousaf as SNP leader and presumably soon as First Minister represents a new danger to Scots – a greater danger than the Union itself – and our priority must be to defeat the looming threat of an Islamic Scotland, the Talibanisation of the police and the courts, the arming by Pakistan of tartan-Taliban terrorists to carry out assassinations and other terrorist acts in Scotland to further the proud-Muslim agenda.

Obviously, there can be no question of voting SNP or Scottish Labour, both with proud-Muslims and friends-of-Pakistan as leaders now, even to keep the hated Tories out. Neither could I recommend to vote Scottish Greens while they are propping up a proud Muslim First Minister and increasingly Islamic Scottish Government.

In all honesty, as bad as the Tories and the United Kingdom for Scots are, Scots would really hate an Islamic Scotland far more.

There aren’t really many good voting options left for Scots at present but I suppose we pro-independence voters might look to voting for Alba? Salmond is bad but at least he is not a proud Muslim, even if that is the only nice thing I can think of to say about Salmond right now.


For as long as but a hundred of us remain alive,
never will we on any conditions
be brought under Muslim rule.
It is in truth not for glory, nor riches nor honours
that we are fighting,
but for freedom – for that alone,
which no honest man gives up but with life itself

28th March 2023


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