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The big change to the West’s nuclear policy after the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Nuclear Arsenals of the Big 5

Biden may not intend a change in the West’s nuclear policy but big change is coming.

The rest of the West – the UK, France, Europe, Australia, Canada, (and the eastern members of “the West”) Japan, South Korea, Taiwan etc. – all will see the need for a big change from our naive trust in the US nuclear weapons policy to deter Russia which has been found wanting when Biden failed to escalate to save Ukraine from Russian invasionย because he, or another US president, may fail to escalate after an attack on us.

After all, Joe Biden doesn’t want World War 3 and so better to indulge a little sacrilege by betraying the USA’s “sacred commitment” to NATO Article 5 – “an attack on one, is an attack on all” – right Joe?

The rest of the Western world needs a credibile nuclear deterrent to deter Russia when the US declines to do so.

The West – excluding the US – needs to be able to match Russia nuke for nuke – 100s of ICBMs and 1000s of warheads.

The UK and France standing alone – as Biden has left us – do not have enough of a nuclear arsenal to deter Russia.

The US has the only comparable nuclear arsenal to Russia and when the US President fails to deter Russia – like Biden failed to – the world is at Russia’s mercy.

Non-proliferation is dead

The era of nuclear weapons non-proliferation is dead and Biden killed it by refusing to risk nuclear war to save Europe, specifically Ukraine, from Russian invasion.

3 nuclear weapons blocks of countries

I foresee that there will probably be 3 new blocks of nuclear weapons powers.

1. UK+Australia+Canada

2. France+the European Union

3. Japan+South Korea+Taiwan

Any 2 blocks or all 3 blocks could cooperate for nuclear weapons development, production and deployment.

So yes, many countries which presently do not have nuclear weapons will in future get their own nuclear weapons arsenals – Australia, Canada, the EU, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and there may be others.

This is inevitable following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the rattling of nuclear sabres by Russia and the failure of the USA to escalate in Ukraine by using US forces to have no-fly zones, boots on the ground or otherwise go to war against Russia in Ukraine.

Between them, the nuclear superpower dickheads – Putin and Biden – have closed the era of nuclear weapons non-proliferation. The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT)ย is now not worth the paper it is written on.

The nuclear weapons game is afoot.

UPDATE – Nordic Nukes

With the news that both Sweden and Finland are intent on joining NATO, this opens up the prospect of establishing a new Scandinavian nuclear weapons power block, deploying, say, 4 nuclear weapons submarines, “boomers” to add the equivalent of the nuclear weapons deterrent capability of the UK or France to the western alliance!

4. Sweden + Norway + Denmark + Finland

Nordic Nukes! ๐Ÿ˜€


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Labour take 10 point poll lead over Tories. THAT’LL DO!

Projection of Westminster General Election results based on a poll published 12 January 2022.
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That’ll do

Breakthrough poll suggests a 331-seat general election victory for the Labour Party led by Keir Starmer.

BoJo the killer clown is on the ropes after taking a political pounding for telling lies denying he was partying while the country was under a strict pandemic lockdown.

At Prime Minister’s Questions, Starmer called on Johnson to resign.

On poll results like these, Starmer would be elected as Prime Minister if a General Election was held today.

As the Plusnet guy says, “In Yorkshire, when we say THAT’LL DO it means it’ll more than do.” ๐Ÿ˜€

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Coronation virus

The United Kingdom is institutionally incompetent when dealing with new global challenges such as the coronavirus.

Scientists warned them.

President George W. Bush warned them.

The film “Contagion” warned them.

Bill Gates warned them.

Did they listen? Did they prepare? Did they react promptly? Did they adopt best practice from countries which did react promptly, like South Korea?

UK anti-science

Or did they continue the UK’s fascist habits of a lifetime and continue to pervert the course of justice, recklessly to obstruct medical scientists in the course of our duty to save lives, even threatening to take scientists as political prisoners to stop us blowing the whistle on wrong-doing and mismanagement?

So then did the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, his health secretary Matt Hancock and the next in line for coronation, Prince Charles, catch the very pandemic virus they were warned about?

We need to disinfect this world against the coronavirus and against the coronation virus, by never again rolling out the red carpet for any fool who thinks the UK royal family is an appropriate institution or that a constitutional monarchy is any way to run a country in this day and age.

We need to elect republicans who don’t pander to incompetent and fascist kingdoms.

See also Coronavirus โ€“ do not clap unethical medical practice that suffocatesย patients

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