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Afghanistan – Pakistan (AfPak) military strategy and the war on terror

Weak strategic thinking and planning by US and then NATO generals has dragged out the Western intervention in Afghanistan since 2001 and caused far more casualties to our soldiers than was ever necessary.

The military general staff has lacked vision about the enemy and failed to comprehend and react appropriately to intelligence reports that Al Qaeda, the Taliban and other jihadi terror groups are proxies for hostile states, typically managed from Pakistan and funded from Saudi Arabia.

Military strategic essentials have been neglected, such as – when occupying territory, always ensure secure supply routes from one strong point to another.

Instead NATO-ISAF forces in Afghanistan have been deployed in isolated bases, deployed more like tethered goats as bait for the enemy than a conquering or liberating army.

Some combination of military incompetence by the generals and a preference for appeasement on the part of the civilian political leadership has perversely left the West bribing our enemies within the Pakistani terrorist-proxy-controlling state and continuing business-as-usual with our enemies in the Saudi jihadi-financing state.

It’s never too late to learn lessons and adopt an alternative competent and aggressive military strategy and to that end, I have published a detailed improved AfPak military strategy in posts in the Republican Intelligence forum which I administer.

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The Scottish economy

The Scottish economy is being wrecked, or held back certainly, by the lack of academic freedom at Scottish universities which means that established professors can stifle academic debate by excluding outspoken students and junior academics who are challenging the established professor for leadership.

Scottish wealth creation depends on allowing new people with innovative ideas in science, technology, engineering and medicine to flourish on campus. Instead managerial control is being used to intimidate into silence anyone who is thinking of challenging the established professors, deans and principals for academic leadership.

The lack of academic freedom in Scottish universities arises from the lack of civil freedom in Scotland and in particular the people have no practical rights to publish or to speak out about incompetence or mismanagement of any rich person or powerful institution who can afford the best lawyers to take legal action for defamation (“libel” in Scotland) in order to silence their critics.

Anyone breaching a court gagging order can be jailed indefinitely for contempt of court for the “crime” of speaking out with a view to be allowed once again to attend university, to continue with their studies, to establish their academic credentials, to publish brilliant new ideas for wealth generation or even simply to explain how new ideas published globally can be developed to create new businesses and well-paying jobs in Scotland.

A rule of terror imposes silence upon those who could make the economy grow but have only jail in Scotland on offer if they dare to try. No wonder then that there is a brain drain of talent out of Scotland to elsewhere where civil and academic freedoms apply – such as the USA.

The law in Scotland, such as it is, is irrelevant. Whatever European conventions of human rights are said to grant the right of freedom of expression there is no-one who can be relied upon for threatened students or junior academics to turn to.

Thus the weakness of the Scottish economy is directly attributable to the oppressive actions of the legal system which operates under the union crown. There is no Scottish president of a Scottish republic to call a halt to legal actions which smash freedom of expression in Scotland.

Academic and economic opportunities are denied in Scotland. As a person so denied opportunity, I have turned to republican revolutionary politics as the only way forward for the Scottish economy. Most other academics so abused would leave the country in disgust to offer their talents where they are appreciated.

Therefore it can be seen that the SNP’s false “independence” notion which plans to keep the Queen as head of state will do nothing to solve the critical problem of the interference by the Queen’s courts with civil and academic freedoms.

The Queen never has and never will tell her courts to stop crushing civil and academic freedom.

Only a president of a republic with the authority to send the army against the courts to insist on freedoms in Scotland will ever suffice.

So yes in theory Scottish independence could allow the Scottish economy to do much better – but it would need to be real republican independence with personal freedoms guaranteed.

A Queen’s “independent” Scottish kingdom which continues to suppress champions of the economy would change nothing.

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Three more British soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Of course the deaths of our soldiers is very sad but it is also an outrage that these deaths and many deaths before these were not prevented by better leadership of our military.

A reporter on BBC news reported that American troops when meeting Afghans have force protection standing guard, with their weapons cocked and ready at all times.

Guards with weapons cocked and ready are correct for British soliders meeting Afghans as well but this is not being ordered by UK government, PM Cameron, Defence Ministers Hammond and Harvey, Chief of the Defence Staff or it seems by anyone in command.

Instead our soldiers are expected to trust all armed Afghan police and army until such time as they open fire on us!

This is yet another case of incompetence by the General staff and politicians leaving our brave soldiers badly led and vulnerable to surprise attacks.

Lions led by donkeys.

We Britons need a modern British army which is led by republicans with intelligence, not royalists who are stupid and clueless and getting our soldiers killed.

We need root and branch change of the control of the military which only replacing the united kingdom with republics can achieve.

Therefore the military must lead a republican revolution by ousting the royal family from the country. Exile the Queen and her family. Arrest the Queen. Put her on trial for her life.

It’s not right leaving the kingdom running our armed forces and getting our soldiers killed.

Republican Intelligence forum in the For Freedom Forums for robust political debate, inspired by Scots, open to all

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