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Take vitamin D supplements to survive the coronavirus pandemic

Buy vitamin D supplements and start taking them yourself and giving them to members of your household as if your chances of surviving the coronavirus pandemic depend on it because they probably do.

Alternatively, you may be able to boost your vitamin D levels if you are lucky enough to have a private back-garden, balcony or your own sun-bed to sunbathe in, from or with.

Sunbathing in a public space or in a tanning salon would not be such a “great plan” because you might catch coronavirus from someone else who is there at the same time, so that’s why the police are moving sunbathers on in public parks and that’s why tanning salon businesses are locked-down.

Obviously, don’t overdose on vitamin D because that will make you very sleepy after a meal or you might get migraines, like I do, or other unpleasant or dangerous symptoms. It is possible to have too much of a good thing so just be cautious, read the label, consult your doctor or your pharmacist, by telephone if you can.

Don’t buy and hoard more vitamin D than you will ever need because that’s anti-social considering that there might very well be a shortage in the shops when the public start to panic-buy vitamin D as they likely will sooner or later, with far more reason than they had to panic-buy toilet roll.

It would be reckless of any government of every country outside of the equatorial belt, where sunshine is on plentiful supply year-round, to neglect public health education to alert people to be sure that everyone’s vitamin D levels are nicely topped up to give us all the best fighting chance of surviving the coronavirus pandemic, in case any of us are unfortunate or careless enough to catch Covid-19, despite our best efforts at social distancing, hand-washing etc.

Those who are at risk of vitamin D deficiency and who are therefore at higher risk of death if they are unlucky enough to catch coronavirus are

  • the always housebound or the newly locked-down, especially in homes without sunbeds or somewhere to sunbathe from (behind glass is no use because the ultraviolet rays needed are absorbed by glass)
  • those who cover up their skin when they are out, who can’t or won’t sunbathe as nature intended
  • those whose skin is darker than the lighter-skinned indigenous population
  • those who don’t eat vitamin-D-rich foods regularly, such as salmon or other oily fish
  • the fat, because vitamin D is fat soluble and so lots of body fat hogs your intake of vitamin D

Here are some references to check out if you are any doubt about this particular wisdom which is soon to become public knowledge.

The Telegraph: Could vitamin D help protect you from coronavirus symptoms?

Heart: This Morning doctor urges UK public to take Vitamin D to help fight coronavirus

Nutra Ingredients: Could vitamin D play a role in coronavirus resistance? Research thinks so

Guardian: Role of vitamin D deficiency in BAME medic deaths

Admittedly, sunny countries like Italy and Spain where vitamin D is easy to get have nevertheless had bad Covid-19 outbreaks and death tolls so vitamin D isn’t going to guarantee to save everyone at risk but the scientific evidence is stacking up that enhancing your vitamin D levels is now the smart move and especially in countries like Scotland where low vitamin D levels are endemic it would be advisable to take vitamin D supplements at least for the duration of this coronavirus pandemic crisis.


The BMJ: COVID-19 ’ICU’ risk – 20-fold greater in the Vitamin D Deficient. BAME, African Americans, the Older, Institutionalised and Obese, are at greatest risk. Sun and ‘D’-supplementation – Game-changers? Research urgently required.

The Telegraph: It is time to take seriously the link between Vitamin D deficiency and more serious Covid-19 symptoms

The National: Study links deficiency in vitamin D to coronavirus deaths

Express: Coronavirus crisis: How summer could stop spread of killer virus in Britain

The Financial Times: Vitamin D promoted as potential defence against coronavirus

The Daily Record: Vitamin D ‘urged for Covid treatment in hospitals’ over claims it reduces deaths by 60 per cent

Click to access FLCCC_Alliance-MATHplus_Protocol_v6-2020-11-12-ENGLISH.pdf


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Coronavirus: new treatments, trials and NHS best practice in Scotland

I have written an open letter to the Scottish Government, which I have quoted below, edited for clarity and additional reference links.

Which of you are aware and which of you are unaware of the following coronavirus pandemic reports?

In the medical news,
COVID-19: Could a clot-busting drug help save the lives of patients on ventilators?

in medical science journals,
Is There a Role for Tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA) as a Novel Treatment for Refractory COVID-19 Associated Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)?: Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery  – See also attached PDF

Tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA) Treatment for COVID-19 Associated Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS): A Case Series: Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis  – See also attached PDF

and on American TV News?

Deathly Ill Coronavirus Patients Could Be Saved By Heart Attack And Stroke Drug

I seek information about whether these recent reports have been acted upon in a timely way by yourselves in the Scottish Government and by NHS Scotland?

I wish to know if the NHS has instituted blood-clotting (coagulation) tests for coronavirus patients admitted to NHS hospitals, to monitor intensively whether patients’ blood clotting response has been seriously harmed by the coronavirus disease and by how much and whether this requires specific targeted treatment to normalise the patient’s blood clotting response?

Secondly, I wish to know for those patients whose blood clotting response is found to be abnormal, either generally or in specific organs, such as lungs, kidneys and heart, affecting organ function, whether appropriate blood-clot busting drugs, such as Tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA) are being administered, on a trial basis or generally, to treat blood-clotting problems whether in the manner suggested in the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery paper linked to and appended namely,

“we believe an initial approach might be to administer 25mg of tPA over 2 hours followed by a 25mg tPA infusion administered over the subsequent 22 hours, with a dose not to exceed 0.9 mg/kg. The same exclusion criteria currently in place for stroke and MI treatment could be used, with responders maintained for some period of time on a heparin infusion after completion of the tPA treatment.”

or otherwise?

Can Members of Parliaments (MSPs & MPs), the Press and the People assume that your lack of a speedy reply to me and your lack of full disclosure and informative answers to my questions by publishing the answers to them reflects badly on your performance as ministers and officials and is illustrative of your failure of leadership?

Can we therefore assume that your ability starts and finishes at mismanaging the NHS Scotland as a devolved identical copy of NHS UK so that, to be sure, if and when the UK NHS run from Westminster and Whitehall, London, England approves trials and approves a new treatment for coronavirus disease only then will you finally direct the NHS in Scotland to follow UK NHS practice, parrot fashion, but that meantime under your devolved misgovernment, no Scottish government ordered clinical trials of new treatments for coronavirus will be entertained in Scotland, because that would be to show real initiative, uncharacteristic of plodding puppets of the UK who have no initiative and leadership ability to speak of?

Finally, Jason Leitch seems to be performing in the role of Scottish government public health education spokesman so then who is doing the job he is allegedly paid for – “National Clinical Director” or “Clinical Director, Healthcare Quality and Strategy”?

Who is directing the NHS in Scotland to adopt best practice in the clinical treatment of hospitalised patients suffering coronavirus disease? Who is directing clinical trials of new treatments in Scotland?

If Jason is busy parading himself around the media studios to speak to the common people, telling us, for example, how, where and when to exercise then why is his job title not accurately descriptive of the role he is actually doing and clearly prefers to do?

If one is truly a “National Clinical Director” then surely one’s job is to direct the nation’s clinics in a medically scientific fashion, so as to defeat this coronavirus pandemic?

But Jason seems to be far too busy with media appearances coaching the people in our behaviour to find any time to direct the nation’s clinics other than in a hand-waving way, leaving the clinics to their own devices or to detailed direction from the UK government in London.

If one speaks to the public about health matters on behalf of the government then one’s job description is accurately described as a “Scottish Government Public Health Spokesperson”, is it not?

Is the Scottish government actually employing anyone who is directing the NHS hospital clinics in Scotland, directing the quality and strategy of health care so as to fight this pandemic successfully, saving most lives and if so, who is employed in that role? What is their name and what directions is he or she issuing to the Scottish NHS clinics as regards the best international medical practice and clinical trials?

Where should we look, when I or any member of the public, want to look through the list of directions issued to the clinics of the NHS in Scotland, to see if blood-clotting issues are being treated appropriately or whether that’s a neglected issue in Scotland because the orders from London say nothing about “blood-clotting” so far so that’s not yet on the Scottish government’s radar, being more of a poodle of the UK than an actual “government”?

Yours sincerely,


16th April 2020, Stat: Blood clots in severe Covid-19 patients leave clinicians with clues about the illness — but no proven treatments

21st April 2020, NBC I-Team: Blood Clots Closely Associated with COVID-19 Deaths, Research Says

22nd April 2020, Washington Post:  A mysterious blood-clotting complication is killing coronavirus patients

CNN: Doctors try to untangle why they’re seeing ‘unprecedented’ blood clotting among Covid-19 patients

23rd April 2020, Daily Mail: Coronavirus is causing blood clots and sudden strokes in otherwise healthy patients in their 30s and 40s, doctors report

2nd May 2020, The Guardian: ‘Happy hypoxia’: unusual coronavirus effect baffles doctors

16th May 2020, Telegraph: Blood-thinning drugs can help save Covid-19 patients’ lives

5th June 2020, ITV News: ‘Lifesaving’ device trialled for potential coronavirus patients without key symptoms

16th June 2020, BBC: Coronavirus: Dexamethasone proves first life-saving drug

3rd July 2020, POZ: “No one needs to die from Covid any more.”

MATH+ Hospital Treatment Protocol for Covid-19 – V8 2021-1-12

MATH+ Protocol – Downloads & Translations

Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance

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Coronation virus

The United Kingdom is institutionally incompetent when dealing with new global challenges such as the coronavirus.

Scientists warned them.

President George W. Bush warned them.

The film “Contagion” warned them.

Bill Gates warned them.

Did they listen? Did they prepare? Did they react promptly? Did they adopt best practice from countries which did react promptly, like South Korea?

UK anti-science

Or did they continue the UK’s fascist habits of a lifetime and continue to pervert the course of justice, recklessly to obstruct medical scientists in the course of our duty to save lives, even threatening to take scientists as political prisoners to stop us blowing the whistle on wrong-doing and mismanagement?

So then did the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, his health secretary Matt Hancock and the next in line for coronation, Prince Charles, catch the very pandemic virus they were warned about?

We need to disinfect this world against the coronavirus and against the coronation virus, by never again rolling out the red carpet for any fool who thinks the UK royal family is an appropriate institution or that a constitutional monarchy is any way to run a country in this day and age.

We need to elect republicans who don’t pander to incompetent and fascist kingdoms.

See also Coronavirus – do not clap unethical medical practice that suffocates patients

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